When was gummy worms invented?

When was the gummy worm invented?

How is gummy worm produced?

The candy market has always been very hot, and there are many different types of candy, each of which is very attractive. For adults, eating candy is more often to relieve stress and soothe the mood, and gummy has become a favorite of adults. The worm-shaped gummy candy has attracted many consumers with its unique appearance and rich taste.

It must be said that the gummy worm is a fantastic invention that makes our lives more colorful, so when was the gummy worm invented?

when was gummy worms invented

The gummy worm is a kind of candy made of white sugar, gelatin, glucose syrup, food flavor and coloring, and citric acid as the main raw materials, with the shape of a worm and a very realistic appearance. Worm gummies have been invented a long time ago. They were invented by the American confectionery company Trolli in 1981.

In 1922, the German candy manufacturer Hans Reigel invented gummy candies. However, the original gummy candies were in the shape of bears, which is still very popular today. It was not until 1981 that gummy bears were shipped to the United States. It was in this year that Trolli, an American confectionery company, discovered gummy candy, a unique candy that is very different from ordinary candies.

Trolli wanted to make something a little more peculiar based on gummy candies, the best way to make children feel new and shocked parents, so the worm-shaped gummy candies were born. In fact, the gummy worm candies have caused numerous consumers to be shocked once they were introduced.

So how is the worm-shaped gummy candy made specifically?

1. first of all, the various ingredients following the gummy recipe for the blend, and then add the right amount of water in the boiling sugar pot for heating.

2. After the ingredients are melted, add the right amount of gelatin and continue to heat it to melt the ingredients into syrup.

3. After cooling, add food flavoring, coloring, and citric acid for flavoring to create different colors and flavors.

4. Cool again and bring to room temperature.

5. Pour the syrup into the worm mold and sprinkle with cornstarch to prevent sticking.

6. Cool and solidify for about 24h.

7. Take off the mold and transfer it into the rotor, add varnish, remove the excess corn starch and let the gummy worm absorb the varnish.

8. Packaging.

The worm gummy produced in this way has a tough texture, a chewy texture, and a crystal clear appearance. It looks very lifelike and even looks like a work of art. It is prevalent on the market. If you want to produce other shapes of gummy candy, you only need to change the mold.

The worm-shaped gummy candy has been recognized by many consumers and has always had very high sales after years of development. With the increase in the purchasing power of the public, the gummy candy industry will continue to be hot.

The gummy machine is a well-known gummy candy machine in the industry, with high-cost performance, has been exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad, and has reaped a very good evaluation in the local.

The gummy bear machine is made of stainless steel, equipped with a PLC control system and a fully automatic production method, which can produce single-color, two-color, and multi-color candies. Many types of candies can be produced in one production line. We also offer customization services and very low prices, and more manufacturers will benefit from this.

The gummy candy industry has rich profits and is the ideal industry for you to realize the value of your life. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to more customers visiting our enterprise for guidance from home and abroad, and we will be happy to serve you!

What are gummy candies made of?

Gummy candy is a very soft and elastic candy. Gummy candy is mainly fruit flavor, with a variety of different shapes, such as bear-shaped shapes, and worm shapes. The most popular in my soft candies is the shape of the bears, not only very popular among children, but also very popular in adults.

Nowadays, many people will make soft candies as a social tool, which can easily break the embarrassment, close to each other’s distance, with very high market demand. So what is the fabrication of fashion?

what are gummy candies made of

Gummy candy is made of gelatin as gelling agent, made by white sugar, glucose, corn syrup, edible flavor and pigment, corn starch, and minerals. Some edible acids are also added in soft gum, such as citric acid and malic acid, so that soft sugar will form a unique sour taste.

The specific production method of the soft sugar is as follows:
White sugar, glucose, corn syrup and other raw materials transport into the sugar pot. Heating after adding an appropriate amount of water to melt these raw materials.

After the melted raw material was cooled to 90 ° C, the appropriate amount of gelatin was added, and then continued to heat and stir evenly. At this time, the feedstock became a syrup state. The proportion of gelatin is very important, and it will greatly affect the taste of the soft sugar.

The production completed syrup needs to be cooled again, and then add eating flavor and pigment after cooling to about 80 ° C, and the fruit flavor is the most popular taste.

The tuned syrup also needs to be cooled. Pour it to the mold when cooling to room temperature. Bear molds, worm molds, etc. are very popular, and the mold can produce soft sugar in different shapes. It is also necessary to sprinkle a thin layer of corn starch on the mold. Which can effectively prevent flexofue from sticking with the mold, which will be more easily demould.

Then, the soft sugar is then cooled. About 24h or so, it can be demolded. Demolding is required to deliver into the rotor, and some upper light oil is added. While high-speed rotation, excess corn starch in the soft sugar surface can be removed, and the soft sugar is absorbed. It looks more crystal and pleasant.

This Gummy candy is completed. Finally, you can sell after packaging.

The fabrication process of soft sugar is more complicated. The raw materials that need to be used are also very much. The process level of production will determine the quality of the soft sugar. So the choice of production equipment is the key.

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer. We have very rich experience. The Gummy Making Machine produced is very superior, which can process monochrome, two-color, and multi-colored soft sugar. And highly automated production methods, high production efficiency. Providing a higher production level for many well-known soft sugar companies. .

The Gummy Bear Making Machine is compact, small area, and food-grade stainless steel is firm and durable, easy to clean. We can also provide custom services. Manufacturers can purchase individual devices, or match the entire production line as needed, and use flexible use.

Candy is the best food choice when the public is casual and entertainment. Gummy candy is a unique presence, and the market demand is very high, and there is a rapid rise. If you think that the soft candy industry is profitable, and want to improve your brand awareness. I believe that our equipment will not let you down!

How do you keep gummy bears fresh?

How to keep gummy bears fresh?

How to make hardened gummy bears back to their original state?

If you have to choose a favorite candy, I believe many people will select gummy bears because they have a sweet and sour taste, a unique flavor, and can be chewed for a long time, which can greatly relieve stress while chewing, so they are loved by many adults.

Gummy bears are elastic, but if they are not consumed for a long time after opening the package, they will lose their elasticity and become hard, so what methods should we take to keep them fresh?

how do you keep gummy bears fresh

Gummy bears are a kind of candy made of sugar, glucose syrup, food flavoring, and coloring, etc. They are tough to eat. In order to maintain the toughness of gummy bears for a long time, you should store them in a cool and dry place or seal them for a long time.

If you store them correctly, they will not deteriorate and will still have a chewy texture when you eat them again, even after a year.

Generally, you can refrigerate your gummy bears in the refrigerator or put them in a sealed bag, but be careful to avoid exposing them to heat and direct sunlight. Otherwise, they will lose their moisture and become very hard when you pick them up.

Have your gummy bears hardened because of incorrect storage? No matter, I still have a way to help you recover your gummy bears.

How can I restore the hardened gummy bears?

Because the gelling agent in gummy bears is gelatin, which is a substance that melts in water, you can use water to help restore the elasticity of your gummy bears. Put an appropriate amount of warm water in the container, and then put the hardened gummy bears in. Soak the gummy bears for about 20 minutes to restore their elasticity.

But be sure to use lukewarm water. Gelatin can only be melted in lukewarm water, and lukewarm water can help gummy bears regain their elasticity.

Because gummy bears contain a lot of sugar, they are not suitable for eating in large quantities. It is necessary to store the incomplete gummy bears reasonably to ensure their freshness.

Nowadays, the gummy bear market is very hot, gummy bears have become one of the most popular candies for adults, and the market demand is very high, which also brings very high profits to the majority of manufacturers. If you want to expand the market quickly, manufacturers need to use better quality equipment for production.

The gummy bear machine is a very popular food machine. Now it has been exported to Singapore, Canada, Brazil, India, and other countries and regions and has received very high evaluations locally.

The gummy making machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean. The fully automatic production method and the application of the PLC control system make the production easy and efficient and can process and produce many types of candies. We can also provide customized molds and equipment services to offer the greatest help to most manufacturers.

If you also want to get a broader market in the fudge industry, we believe our equipment will provide you with the ideal production method. Welcome to our factory for a field trip!

Are sugar free gummy bears bad for you?

Gummy bears are a very popular candy that many people like to eat, and the sweet and sour chewy taste attracts many consumers. But there is one thing that discourages many consumers: the sugar content of gummy bears is relatively high. For some people who want to lose weight, the burden is relatively heavy.

In order to allow everyone to eat gummy bears, many manufacturers have produced vegetarian gummy bears as well as sugar-free gummy bears and other unique gummy bears, so are these sugar-free gummy bears harmful to humans?

Are sugar free gummy bears bad for you?

Traditional gummy bears are made with white sugar, glucose syrup, and corn syrup as the main ingredients, which are very high in sugar and very bad for the human body. In order to avoid this effect, sugar-free gummy bears have become the new favorite of the public. But sugar-free gummy bears are not too good for the body, and eating too much of them can make you feel uncomfortable.

Although Sugar Free Bears do not contain sugar, they do contain maltitol, a sugar alcohol that is 75-90% of the sweetness of sucrose and has other similar properties. Although maltitol is often used as a substitute for sucrose, maltitol is a relatively indigestible substance that is almost completely indigestible in the human body and cannot be broken down by saliva, gastric juices, small intestinal membrane enzymes, etc. Except for a portion that can be used by intestinal bacteria, the rest cannot be digested and excreted.

Therefore, after consuming these sugar-free gummy bears, it is very easy to cause bloating, diarrhea, and other uncomfortable symptoms. And some manufacturers also indicate on the bag that excessive consumption of sugar-free gummy bears will bring very negative effects on your body and should be consumed in moderation.

Although the sugar content of traditional gummy bears is relatively high, as long as you eat normally and do not overeat, the sugar in gummy bears will not cause any burden to your body. Especially after exercise, gummy bears will not only help you to repair your torn muscles quickly, but also the sugar will be metabolized, which will have a minimal adverse effect on your body.

Therefore, you can feel free to consume ordinary gummy bears. For some sugar-free gummy bears, it is recommended that you also do not eat more. Although they will not make you gain weight, they will cause your stomach upset. No matter what the food is, only moderate consumption can bring you the healthiest lifestyle.

Now gummy bears have become one of the most popular candies, and the market demand is very high, which also brings very high profits to the majority of candy companies. In the face of a very competitive market, manufacturers can only further improve production efficiency to seize more market opportunities.

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer, with very rich experience in R&D and sales, and the most advanced production technology. The gummy bear making machine produced has helped many companies improve production efficiency and further expand the market.

The commercial gummy candy machine realizes the fully automatic production method, and the production efficiency is very high. The manufacturer can accept more orders simultaneously and provide high-quality gummy candy within the specified time. In addition, the machine is stable in quality, versatile, low cost, and can be customized so that it can be very helpful to manufacturers.

The gummy bear industry is very competitive, and the profit margin is enormous. If you are looking for a high-quality machine to increase your production, we believe our cooperation will be very pleasant.

Why do Bodybuilders Eat Gummy Bears?

Everyone may know that the general athlete needs to add a certain amount of sugar before and after exercise. And the bearing soft sugar is also a food they often eat. 

Why do BodyBuilders Eat Gummy Bear? If the athlete adds a small amount of sugar before fierce, it can help them improve the exercise performance. After exercise, it will make sugar to eliminate fatigue.

Generally, the body is directly supplied by three phospin. If it is insufficient, if there is insufficient in the body. The three types of proteins, fats and sugar are metabolized in the body to form triphosphate adenosine. Among these three substances, sugar can be said to be the first nutrient. Because no matter whether there is no oxygen supply, it can fully decompose. Generate energy supply materials. But fat or protein, only under the condition of sufficient oxygen. break down.

In addition, if the sugar is decomposed in the body, it often produces water and carbon dioxide. These two types of substances are more common in our body. They will follow the body outside, and reduce the impact on the body to the greatest extent. However, if it is a protein or fat, it will not only produce carbon dioxide and water. But also produce ketosh and ammonia, although the two substances are harmless to the human body. But to a certain extent, it will affect the stability of the body fluid.

Sugar can be said to be the most excellent energy substance during exercise. It is said that it is called a high-quality raw material for cells, and under the same conditions, it produces energy efficiency is more rapid than fat and protein.

The above is the reason why the athletes intake in front of the exercise, then let’s talk about everyone, if it is insufficient for sugar, what will happen?

Under normal circumstances, the sugar branch in our body is stored in two places. one is glucose stored in the blood, and the other is a glycogen stored in muscle and liver.

When the internal sugar content is reduced, the function ratio of blood sugar during the muscle exercise will also increase, especially after a long period of movement, the muscle glycogen will consume a lot, in which case the efficiency of sports muscles High, will take blood glucose in the blood to make up for the lack of muscle glycogen, but at this time, the skeletal muscle has not been sufficient, but the level of exercise is, it will have a heavy feeling, which means The fatigue period of the body appears.

If the exercise time continues to extend, not only the glycogen composition in the muscles will be completed, but the blood sugar level will also decline, and if there is no external sugar, it is particularly prone to hypoglycemia. Symptoms.

If the body is in hypoglycemia, the brain and neuromic tissue will be affected because the brain can use only glucose in the blood, if it is reduced, the brain will produce a central fatigue, and then Forcing the body to stop exercise.

In addition, immune cells in the body are also glucose as energy substances. So if there is hypoglycemic symptoms, the immune function is more or less affected, it makes it easier to sick. In this way, the sugar is still very effective before exercise. And many professional athletes will increase the reserves of the muscle glycem to 40% before the exercise. So that even under high-load training cycles, the body can also Rapid recovery.

The above is the cause of exercise before the exercise and the symptoms of the body after the lack of sugar, I hope to help all friends. Gummy Bear Machine is designed to make a variety of candies, and the created candy is very high quality. Gummy Bear Making Machine can produce different shapes and taste of candy. And athletes can be worried. In addition, you can remind you to take a relatively balanced nutrition as much as possible in your life. So you can guarantee your health.

What is gummy worms?

Do you like a soft sugar? What is gummy worms? How much is your understanding of my soft? How is the soft candy made?

Fudge is a soft, flexible and tough functional candy. Which is mainly raw materials such as gelatin, syrup, and a plurality of processes. Which forms a solid candy having different shapes, textures, and fragrance, exquisite and preservative. Have elastic and chew. Skose is named, such as starch, agar sint, gelatin, etc., hereby introduce several soft sugar and its production methods. Let’s take a look.

1, juice soft sugar

Juice soft sugar is a kind of candy that is processed by water, juice, gel as raw materials, and the product is rich in vitamins and is deeply loved by the masses. Through the modern process, the small packaging products that are easy to carry, the bag, ready-to-eat, is a party, leisure, tourism. With the advancement of social progress and the improvement of people’s living standards, safety, hygiene, and convenient food will become the preferred choice.

Production Method:
(1) Seaviting: The main raw material of the juice soft sugar is corn starch, and the corn starch is converted into glucose sugar. The glucose syrup used in the soft sugar is the semi-finished product of solid glucose, which can be directly absorbed by the human body. A part of the dry solid substance in the glucose is no sweetness, the rest is glucose and a small amount of maltose, oligosaccharides, etc., so the sweetness of juice is not high, but nutrients are very rich.
(2) Production: According to the characteristics of various fruits, the model is first prepared, then the appropriate amount of refined starch, sucrose, juice, etc., to the specified temperature, and the porridge is formed after the porridge passed. After 72 hours, the starch of the surface of the sugar is washed with a sugar, and then sand, packaging.

The juice fetto is different from the sugar, add different ingredients to make different soft sugars, novel shades, chic flavor, low sugar, and storage, are well received by consumers.

2, gelatin soft sugar

The gelatin is soft, the color is clear, with good transparency. The finished product gelatin soft sugar water requires 12 to 18%, and the reducing sugar requires 20 to 40%. And the shape is mostly rectangular and square. Gelatin soft gum is elastic, there is no flavor, nutritious. Especially suitable for the majority of children and elderly.

Method: Gelatin soft sugar is based on gelatin, first dissolve the white sugar and starch syrup. Then cool and add freezing rubber. After standing, two different production methods can be used to mold the molding and condensation.

3, starch soft sugar

Starch soft sugar is a lace sugar made from starch, white sugar, etc., which is a soft-proof, which is one of the starch deep processing products. Its texture is soft and slightly elastic. Which is half-transparent, sweet and not greasy, chewed, soft and refreshing. Making more fruit flavor or cool flavor, is very popular among consumers. Market demand is strong.

4, agar gum

Agar gum is a colloid as a agar. Such faked has a good transparency with good elasticity, toughness and brittleness. And makes a fruit flavor, cool flavor and milk taste. Crystal soft sugar belongs to agar gum, with a water content of about 18 to 24%. The agar soft sugar is soft and not sticky, sweet and not greasy. Is an ideal food for home travel and gifts.

The above is a relatively common flexible type. And their production can be done through a soft sugar production machine. Gummy Machine is used to produce fake sugar, most advanced equipment. Can produce monochrome, two-color soft gum and sandwich. The machine is high, high yield, composed of dissolved tanks, gear pumps, tanks, vacuum pots, and cooling channels. Gummy Making Machine made of candy finished surfaces are transparent and smooth, good taste, and satisfy the mastries of the public, deeply loved by consumers.

How big is the world’s largest gummy bear?

Nowadays, young people like to eat some wonderful foods. After all, the era of now is different from before, and the food will try some novel foods. And the manufacturer seems to know the young people, make a very wonderful food, and there are still many people who are curious to buy. For example, this kind of food you want to say —— giant bear soft sugar, I don’t know if you have eaten?

How big is the world? limited gummy bear?

Goodiegumdrops This soft bear is the most important world, can weigh 5 pounds, a small bear soft sugar equivalent to 1400 ordinary sizes, don’t look at it, the taste is also very good, and it is chewy. There are a variety of tastes such as raspberry, cherry, pineapple, cola, grape, lemon, oranges, etc., as Christmas or birthday gifts or family will be a good choice!

Seeing this cute giant bear soft sugar in the figure, it is estimated that the friends who have eaten are still relatively small. It is extremely attractive to pay attention to the ranks of the net red food. Like this type of candy, if you want to try it, everyone can buy a taste once, but usually still eat some normal bear soft sugar. Let’s talk about the craft crafts of cubs.

Now the candy processing plant generally uses a soft sugar production machine to process the production of soft sugar, and the cousin soft candied automatic release machine is automatically demolded by aluminum alloy mold, which can produce monochrome, two-color QQ sugar (gelatin) and other soft sugar. Compared with the traditional production method, it has a great advantage. It is a continuous production method. It is manufactured under absolute hygienic conditions, good quality, uniform shape, light rays, and product have good brightness and transparency.

Gummy Bear Making Machine Flowchart:
Sugar —> Sugar storage —> Vacuum microfilm —> Cooling —> Deposition —> Soldup —> Cooling —> Packaging

Main features of Gummy Making Machine:

1. compact structure, stable performance, convenient control.
2. the casting is arbitrarily selected, and the running speed can be adjusted steplessly as needed.
3.the machine is provided with the mold automatic tracking detection device, and no mold is automatically stopped.

4.The device uses the program setting control principle to make the castor run more stable and accurate.
5.one machine, suitable for pouring a variety of candy, hard candy, gel soft sugar, namrose, etc.
6. the power of the equipment is compressed air. The entire work environment is clean, complies with GMP production requirements.

The production line also has the following features:
1. PLC automatic programming control vacuum sugar boiling temperature, time, casting temperature, and casting speed.
2. 6.8 inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate.

  • Production capacity can range from 150 kg per hour to 600 kg.
  • Variable frequency speed control control sugar flow.
  • Mixtures of flavor, pigment, and acids online.
  •  conveyor belt, cooling system and dual molding mechanism ensure that the demould smoothly.
  • can produce candy of various shapes according to the different molds.
  •  the whole production line is manufactured according to standard, in line with food hygiene requirements.

Gummy Making Machine is based on the market’s demand for various shapes, color, using advanced production technology, which is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high quality candy (QQ sugar), can be replaced or cast heads. Production of high quality, variety of shapes, a variety of flavored fakes. Highly automated production can not only produce quality and stable products, but also save manpower and space, thereby reducing production funds, which is the best choice for candy processing plants.

How to make Candy Gummies?

Fudge is a soft softball, how to make Candy Gummies? Generally speaking, the fabrication of soft candies has two types of handmade and machine making. And the process is very simple. Today, let’s take a look at these two crafts that make soft sugar.

First, let’s introduce the practice of homemade soft sugar, soft sugar is one of the most easy to manually crafly. It will not prepare more than other types of candies. So it is very popular in homemade candies.

1, make basic soft sugar:
Basically, only four ingredients, water, sugar, gelatin and seasoning are required. Mixing water with gelatin, heating and cooling naturally produces elastic soft gum, soft sugar does not need to add too much-toned, but the taste is still great.

2, make a variety of soft candies:

It can produce candy far more than known soft sugar types, and the fabrication of soft candies is to be invented. Press the soft sugar type, below is some minor ideas:
Chocolate soft sugar: cocoa soft sugar, chocolate soft sugar, etc.
Funny soft sugar: cookies and cream soft candies, etc.
Fruit soft sugar: orange soft sugar, almond soft sugar, coconut soft sugar, etc.


  1. If you are already very good at making basic candy, try the difficulty.
    2, don’t care about time and failure, just part of how to improve your own candy is good.
    3, in many cases, sugar-free or less sugar can be selected in confectionery production.
  2. For vegetarians, some animal ingredients can be searched online.


All kinds of candies do not eat too much, high sugar and other non-essential nutrients may lead to health problems, such as diabetes, acne, indigestion, weight gain, etc. Just treat the candy as a special activity and hospitality

Candy production is a very happy thing, you will use a sweet material during the production, you can also enjoy delicious. According to your own technical level, you can make simple candies, or those who attract eyeballs, which depends on which of you is interested. Let’s take a look at how the soft candied confection is made.


Raw material dissolution → transport → storage → preheating → shrink microfilm steaming → discharge → season → Sediment → Cooling → Self-mold → delivery → Packing → finished product

GUMMY MACHINE Application:

Can produce monochrome, double-flavored two-color spray, double-flavored double-layer, sandwich, hard, hard candies, whole production lines, designated production lines, making food companies easier food companies through food certification.

The composition of Gummy Making Machine:
This production line is composed of a fast pressure dissolved, a vacuum film continuous sugar, a servo intelligent pouring machine, a flavor pump, a mixer, a spreader, an injector, a corner machine, a coating machine, a high performance refrigerator.

Commercial Gummy Candy Machine Features:

  1. Replace the partial device and the mold, which enables rapid conversion of the soft sugar and the hard sugar production line.
  2. can be appropriately added according to different natural nutrients, forming your own unique flavor.
  3. conveyor belt, cooling system tank chain double-mold double-molding mechanism to ensure smoothness, no noise, small mold wear.
  4. Advanced equipment such as rotor pump, caching machine, etc., ensuring optimal production line performance, more efficient, longer service life.
  5. the PLC variable frequency control box uses a large touch screen, display process flow chart, each partial working state, temperature, speed and other parameter setting information, etc., allowing users to make it easier to operate.

The above is a method of manual production and machine making a soft sugar. We usually bought the candy is generally the production of candy production machines. If you are interested, you can make your favorite soft candy.

How much is a pound of gummy bears?

Gummy bears are a prevalent category of snacks on the market. The candy is soft, sweet, and sour taste, fruity flavor is very thick, and many flavors, such as watermelon, strawberry, orange, blueberry, and many different flavors. So you can open like a taste a fruit platter, can bring a variety of taste buds to enjoy.

Friends who love gummy bears must have eaten a variety of candies. Usually, they always buy some and keep them at home. When they want to eat them, they will chew them out. how much is a pound of gummy bears? Everyone should have bought gummy candies at different prices. Generally speaking, a pound of gummy bears is only a few dollars or more than a dozen dollars. The better ones are more expensive, but they are all very reasonable.

Nowadays, candies in the market are very common. You can see all kinds of candies in supermarkets, shopping malls, small shops, etc. The candy processing plants produce various types of candy through the gummy bear machine and then for sale. Are you interested in learning more about the process of the gummy production line? And what are the characteristics of the gummy making machine? Take a look at it together.

Process flow

Sugar dissolution→filtration→sugar pot→cooling→adds flavoring→deposition molding→cooling→mold→drying room→packaging. 

The characteristics of gummy candy production line:

1, hygienic structure design, online completion of flavor pigment, quantitative acid filling, and mixing.

2, high production efficiency, according to different selection configurations, can produce single-color, two-flavored two-color double layer, and other gelatin soft candy.

3、Automated production can produce stable quality and save manpower and occupy space, thus reducing production costs.

4、The production line is automatically controlled by PLC program, hygienic design, powerful function, compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.

5、The whole production line is manufactured according to GMP standards, pipeline production process, fewer human factors, stable product quality, in line with food GMP hygiene requirements.

Composition of gummy candy production line:

The gummy candy production line consists of sugar making system, extruder or powder filling machine, batching roller, rope pulling machine, forming machine, cooling conveyor, packing machine, etc. It is popular in producing different candies, and you can buy a whole production line.

1、Sugar melting pot: used to melt the sugar and keep it warm.

2、Sugar syrup storage tank: for storing sugar syrup and filtering pure sugar syrup.

3、Vacuum continuous microfilm pot: suitable for high-quality syrup.

4、Pouring machine: It is the main part of the line, which can produce different candies by using different molds.

5、Cooling cabinet: cooling the candy before packing to make the candy shape.

What are the standards of the gummy candy production line:

1、304 stainless steel GMP standard (whole-body).

2、Imported electrical components (Siemens, Schneider, ABB) are used.

3、Sandblasted surface (even on the side).

4、All welding.

The gummy bear making machine is a new generation of candy machines based on advanced technology from abroad, combined with the domestic candy manufacturing process requirements. This series of candy-making machine is suitable for producing different specifications of soft candy and hard candy and can also be used to produce spherical lollipops with sandwiches. It can be slightly modified according to customer requirements to produce other shapes of candy.

After reading the above, I think we all have a general understanding of the production process of gummy candy. As professional equipment for producing gummy candy, the gummy candy making machine is very suitable for the use of small and medium-sized enterprises. If you need this, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with reliable quality and reasonable price equipment.

Do gummy worms have different flavors?

Candy is a very common snack in our lives that many people like to eat, both adults and children, and their love of candy is unique. Candy can be said to have entered our history very early, and the candy is listed as one of the top five foods to enjoy as an everyday consumer product. So do gummy worms have different flavors?

The gummy machine can make various types of candies, such as gummy candies, hard candies, lollipops, etc. The shapes and colors of candies are diverse, and the flavors of candies are also varied. And everyone likes different tastes, but eating candies is a feeling that everyone loves. Here are some of the more common and delicious gummies. Let’s take a look at those who love candy.

1、Nestle Fun Fruit

Nestle fun fruit mixed flavors, fun full of fruit juice gummy candy, containing real fruit juice, with a soft and flexible texture so that you can chew every bite of fresh fruit juice flavor.

2、uha fruit gummy candy

uha fruit gummy candy is the softest with the best fleshy texture. It is Q elastic and smooth, and there is real juice in it. You can feel it when you eat it. The candy is translucent, and you can faintly see the pulp and seeds inside, making it very realistic.

3、Haribo gummy bears

The German Haribo family’s most classic gummy bears are carrying many people’s childhood memories. Strawberry, lemon, raspberry, honey orange, pineapple, and apple, each color is a surprise. The taste of the gummy bear is sweet and sour, juice flavor, feel how to eat will not be tired, and very chewy, after eating one still want to eat the next.

4、Kasugai gummy candy 

Japan Kasugai produced a fruit gummy candy, divided into purple grape flavor and white peach flavor. The grape flavor is slightly heavier, very exciting to eat, and the white peach flavor has a sense of freshness, eaten to feel very fresh and refreshing.

5、Turkey Koska gummy candy 

It is a 100-year-old Turkish gummy candy brand that is safe, reliable, and truly natural. Rose, lemon, mint, orange and pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, mixed with a variety of flavors to choose from.

6、welch’s juice QQ gummy candy

The texture is soft and Q-tip, not the kind of gummy candy that can’t be chewed, so whether it’s an adult or a child eating it won’t take much effort. Grabbing a handful and putting it in your mouth is like drinking a big bite of sweet and sour concentrated fruit juice. The taste is super pure and does not have the flavor of domestic QQ candy.

7, Southland durian sugar

Southland food thick durian sugar, using fresh durian juice refined, a distinctive taste, is the taste, fragrant unique. Let people “durian” forget to return, and durian sugar contains high vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

8, Meiji pomegranate juice gummy candy

This Japanese Meiji pomegranate juice candy is also known as a beauty candy, highly recommended by the Japanese “En Women’s Medical Association.” Because the taste is pomegranate juice, the Meiji gummy appearance is designed into the pomegranate, the existence of cute, so people can not be hard to stay not to eat.

9、Sugarfina champagne gummy bears

U.S. SUGARFINA candy is called TIFFANY in the candy world. In addition to the attractive TIFFANY blue packaging shell, its top quality, pure natural fruit juice, no additives, flavorful.

10, Trolli sour bug gummy candy

Trolli is a German candy brand, and its sour bugs gummy candies are the hottest selling models. Each gummy candy ends are different colors spliced. The long shape is very similar to a small worm, so named, the taste is sweet and sour flavor.

Commercial gummy candy machine can produce different flavors of many types and very high-quality candy,  which is the best choice for candy processing plants to produce candy. The few gummy candies introduced in this article are delicious and not expensive. Friends who like to eat sweets can buy them and taste them. There are always flavors you like.