What are gummy candies made of?

Gummy candy is a very soft and elastic candy. Gummy candy is mainly fruit flavor, with a variety of different shapes, such as bear-shaped shapes, and worm shapes. The most popular in my soft candies is the shape of the bears, not only very popular among children, but also very popular in adults.

Nowadays, many people will make soft candies as a social tool, which can easily break the embarrassment, close to each other’s distance, with very high market demand. So what is the fabrication of fashion?

what are gummy candies made of

Gummy candy is made of gelatin as gelling agent, made by white sugar, glucose, corn syrup, edible flavor and pigment, corn starch, and minerals. Some edible acids are also added in soft gum, such as citric acid and malic acid, so that soft sugar will form a unique sour taste.

The specific production method of the soft sugar is as follows:
White sugar, glucose, corn syrup and other raw materials transport into the sugar pot. Heating after adding an appropriate amount of water to melt these raw materials.

After the melted raw material was cooled to 90 ° C, the appropriate amount of gelatin was added, and then continued to heat and stir evenly. At this time, the feedstock became a syrup state. The proportion of gelatin is very important, and it will greatly affect the taste of the soft sugar.

The production completed syrup needs to be cooled again, and then add eating flavor and pigment after cooling to about 80 ° C, and the fruit flavor is the most popular taste.

The tuned syrup also needs to be cooled. Pour it to the mold when cooling to room temperature. Bear molds, worm molds, etc. are very popular, and the mold can produce soft sugar in different shapes. It is also necessary to sprinkle a thin layer of corn starch on the mold. Which can effectively prevent flexofue from sticking with the mold, which will be more easily demould.

Then, the soft sugar is then cooled. About 24h or so, it can be demolded. Demolding is required to deliver into the rotor, and some upper light oil is added. While high-speed rotation, excess corn starch in the soft sugar surface can be removed, and the soft sugar is absorbed. It looks more crystal and pleasant.

This Gummy candy is completed. Finally, you can sell after packaging.

The fabrication process of soft sugar is more complicated. The raw materials that need to be used are also very much. The process level of production will determine the quality of the soft sugar. So the choice of production equipment is the key.

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