How to make Candy Gummies?

Fudge is a soft softball, how to make Candy Gummies? Generally speaking, the fabrication of soft candies has two types of handmade and machine making. And the process is very simple. Today, let’s take a look at these two crafts that make soft sugar.

First, let’s introduce the practice of homemade soft sugar, soft sugar is one of the most easy to manually crafly. It will not prepare more than other types of candies. So it is very popular in homemade candies.

1, make basic soft sugar:
Basically, only four ingredients, water, sugar, gelatin and seasoning are required. Mixing water with gelatin, heating and cooling naturally produces elastic soft gum, soft sugar does not need to add too much-toned, but the taste is still great.

2, make a variety of soft candies:

It can produce candy far more than known soft sugar types, and the fabrication of soft candies is to be invented. Press the soft sugar type, below is some minor ideas:
Chocolate soft sugar: cocoa soft sugar, chocolate soft sugar, etc.
Funny soft sugar: cookies and cream soft candies, etc.
Fruit soft sugar: orange soft sugar, almond soft sugar, coconut soft sugar, etc.


  1. If you are already very good at making basic candy, try the difficulty.
    2, don’t care about time and failure, just part of how to improve your own candy is good.
    3, in many cases, sugar-free or less sugar can be selected in confectionery production.
  2. For vegetarians, some animal ingredients can be searched online.


All kinds of candies do not eat too much, high sugar and other non-essential nutrients may lead to health problems, such as diabetes, acne, indigestion, weight gain, etc. Just treat the candy as a special activity and hospitality

Candy production is a very happy thing, you will use a sweet material during the production, you can also enjoy delicious. According to your own technical level, you can make simple candies, or those who attract eyeballs, which depends on which of you is interested. Let’s take a look at how the soft candied confection is made.


Raw material dissolution → transport → storage → preheating → shrink microfilm steaming → discharge → season → Sediment → Cooling → Self-mold → delivery → Packing → finished product

GUMMY MACHINE Application:

Can produce monochrome, double-flavored two-color spray, double-flavored double-layer, sandwich, hard, hard candies, whole production lines, designated production lines, making food companies easier food companies through food certification.

The composition of Gummy Making Machine:
This production line is composed of a fast pressure dissolved, a vacuum film continuous sugar, a servo intelligent pouring machine, a flavor pump, a mixer, a spreader, an injector, a corner machine, a coating machine, a high performance refrigerator.

Commercial Gummy Candy Machine Features:

  1. Replace the partial device and the mold, which enables rapid conversion of the soft sugar and the hard sugar production line.
  2. can be appropriately added according to different natural nutrients, forming your own unique flavor.
  3. conveyor belt, cooling system tank chain double-mold double-molding mechanism to ensure smoothness, no noise, small mold wear.
  4. Advanced equipment such as rotor pump, caching machine, etc., ensuring optimal production line performance, more efficient, longer service life.
  5. the PLC variable frequency control box uses a large touch screen, display process flow chart, each partial working state, temperature, speed and other parameter setting information, etc., allowing users to make it easier to operate.

The above is a method of manual production and machine making a soft sugar. We usually bought the candy is generally the production of candy production machines. If you are interested, you can make your favorite soft candy.