How do you keep gummy bears fresh?

How to keep gummy bears fresh?

How to make hardened gummy bears back to their original state?

If you have to choose a favorite candy, I believe many people will select gummy bears because they have a sweet and sour taste, a unique flavor, and can be chewed for a long time, which can greatly relieve stress while chewing, so they are loved by many adults.

Gummy bears are elastic, but if they are not consumed for a long time after opening the package, they will lose their elasticity and become hard, so what methods should we take to keep them fresh?

how do you keep gummy bears fresh

Gummy bears are a kind of candy made of sugar, glucose syrup, food flavoring, and coloring, etc. They are tough to eat. In order to maintain the toughness of gummy bears for a long time, you should store them in a cool and dry place or seal them for a long time.

If you store them correctly, they will not deteriorate and will still have a chewy texture when you eat them again, even after a year.

Generally, you can refrigerate your gummy bears in the refrigerator or put them in a sealed bag, but be careful to avoid exposing them to heat and direct sunlight. Otherwise, they will lose their moisture and become very hard when you pick them up.

Have your gummy bears hardened because of incorrect storage? No matter, I still have a way to help you recover your gummy bears.

How can I restore the hardened gummy bears?

Because the gelling agent in gummy bears is gelatin, which is a substance that melts in water, you can use water to help restore the elasticity of your gummy bears. Put an appropriate amount of warm water in the container, and then put the hardened gummy bears in. Soak the gummy bears for about 20 minutes to restore their elasticity.

But be sure to use lukewarm water. Gelatin can only be melted in lukewarm water, and lukewarm water can help gummy bears regain their elasticity.

Because gummy bears contain a lot of sugar, they are not suitable for eating in large quantities. It is necessary to store the incomplete gummy bears reasonably to ensure their freshness.

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