When was gummy worms invented?

When was the gummy worm invented?

How is gummy worm produced?

The candy market has always been very hot, and there are many different types of candy, each of which is very attractive. For adults, eating candy is more often to relieve stress and soothe the mood, and gummy has become a favorite of adults. The worm-shaped gummy candy has attracted many consumers with its unique appearance and rich taste.

It must be said that the gummy worm is a fantastic invention that makes our lives more colorful, so when was the gummy worm invented?

when was gummy worms invented

The gummy worm is a kind of candy made of white sugar, gelatin, glucose syrup, food flavor and coloring, and citric acid as the main raw materials, with the shape of a worm and a very realistic appearance. Worm gummies have been invented a long time ago. They were invented by the American confectionery company Trolli in 1981.

In 1922, the German candy manufacturer Hans Reigel invented gummy candies. However, the original gummy candies were in the shape of bears, which is still very popular today. It was not until 1981 that gummy bears were shipped to the United States. It was in this year that Trolli, an American confectionery company, discovered gummy candy, a unique candy that is very different from ordinary candies.

Trolli wanted to make something a little more peculiar based on gummy candies, the best way to make children feel new and shocked parents, so the worm-shaped gummy candies were born. In fact, the gummy worm candies have caused numerous consumers to be shocked once they were introduced.

So how is the worm-shaped gummy candy made specifically?

1. first of all, the various ingredients following the gummy recipe for the blend, and then add the right amount of water in the boiling sugar pot for heating.

2. After the ingredients are melted, add the right amount of gelatin and continue to heat it to melt the ingredients into syrup.

3. After cooling, add food flavoring, coloring, and citric acid for flavoring to create different colors and flavors.

4. Cool again and bring to room temperature.

5. Pour the syrup into the worm mold and sprinkle with cornstarch to prevent sticking.

6. Cool and solidify for about 24h.

7. Take off the mold and transfer it into the rotor, add varnish, remove the excess corn starch and let the gummy worm absorb the varnish.

8. Packaging.

The worm gummy produced in this way has a tough texture, a chewy texture, and a crystal clear appearance. It looks very lifelike and even looks like a work of art. It is prevalent on the market. If you want to produce other shapes of gummy candy, you only need to change the mold.

The worm-shaped gummy candy has been recognized by many consumers and has always had very high sales after years of development. With the increase in the purchasing power of the public, the gummy candy industry will continue to be hot.

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