Are sugar free gummy bears bad for you?

Gummy bears are a very popular candy that many people like to eat, and the sweet and sour chewy taste attracts many consumers. But there is one thing that discourages many consumers: the sugar content of gummy bears is relatively high. For some people who want to lose weight, the burden is relatively heavy.

In order to allow everyone to eat gummy bears, many manufacturers have produced vegetarian gummy bears as well as sugar-free gummy bears and other unique gummy bears, so are these sugar-free gummy bears harmful to humans?

Are sugar free gummy bears bad for you?

Traditional gummy bears are made with white sugar, glucose syrup, and corn syrup as the main ingredients, which are very high in sugar and very bad for the human body. In order to avoid this effect, sugar-free gummy bears have become the new favorite of the public. But sugar-free gummy bears are not too good for the body, and eating too much of them can make you feel uncomfortable.

Although Sugar Free Bears do not contain sugar, they do contain maltitol, a sugar alcohol that is 75-90% of the sweetness of sucrose and has other similar properties. Although maltitol is often used as a substitute for sucrose, maltitol is a relatively indigestible substance that is almost completely indigestible in the human body and cannot be broken down by saliva, gastric juices, small intestinal membrane enzymes, etc. Except for a portion that can be used by intestinal bacteria, the rest cannot be digested and excreted.

Therefore, after consuming these sugar-free gummy bears, it is very easy to cause bloating, diarrhea, and other uncomfortable symptoms. And some manufacturers also indicate on the bag that excessive consumption of sugar-free gummy bears will bring very negative effects on your body and should be consumed in moderation.

Although the sugar content of traditional gummy bears is relatively high, as long as you eat normally and do not overeat, the sugar in gummy bears will not cause any burden to your body. Especially after exercise, gummy bears will not only help you to repair your torn muscles quickly, but also the sugar will be metabolized, which will have a minimal adverse effect on your body.

Therefore, you can feel free to consume ordinary gummy bears. For some sugar-free gummy bears, it is recommended that you also do not eat more. Although they will not make you gain weight, they will cause your stomach upset. No matter what the food is, only moderate consumption can bring you the healthiest lifestyle.

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