How big is the world’s largest gummy bear?

Nowadays, young people like to eat some wonderful foods. After all, the era of now is different from before, and the food will try some novel foods. And the manufacturer seems to know the young people, make a very wonderful food, and there are still many people who are curious to buy. For example, this kind of food you want to say —— giant bear soft sugar, I don’t know if you have eaten?

How big is the world? limited gummy bear?

Goodiegumdrops This soft bear is the most important world, can weigh 5 pounds, a small bear soft sugar equivalent to 1400 ordinary sizes, don’t look at it, the taste is also very good, and it is chewy. There are a variety of tastes such as raspberry, cherry, pineapple, cola, grape, lemon, oranges, etc., as Christmas or birthday gifts or family will be a good choice!

Seeing this cute giant bear soft sugar in the figure, it is estimated that the friends who have eaten are still relatively small. It is extremely attractive to pay attention to the ranks of the net red food. Like this type of candy, if you want to try it, everyone can buy a taste once, but usually still eat some normal bear soft sugar. Let’s talk about the craft crafts of cubs.

Now the candy processing plant generally uses a soft sugar production machine to process the production of soft sugar, and the cousin soft candied automatic release machine is automatically demolded by aluminum alloy mold, which can produce monochrome, two-color QQ sugar (gelatin) and other soft sugar. Compared with the traditional production method, it has a great advantage. It is a continuous production method. It is manufactured under absolute hygienic conditions, good quality, uniform shape, light rays, and product have good brightness and transparency.

Gummy Bear Making Machine Flowchart:
Sugar —> Sugar storage —> Vacuum microfilm —> Cooling —> Deposition —> Soldup —> Cooling —> Packaging

Main features of Gummy Making Machine:

1. compact structure, stable performance, convenient control.
2. the casting is arbitrarily selected, and the running speed can be adjusted steplessly as needed.
3.the machine is provided with the mold automatic tracking detection device, and no mold is automatically stopped.

4.The device uses the program setting control principle to make the castor run more stable and accurate. machine, suitable for pouring a variety of candy, hard candy, gel soft sugar, namrose, etc.
6. the power of the equipment is compressed air. The entire work environment is clean, complies with GMP production requirements.

The production line also has the following features:
1. PLC automatic programming control vacuum sugar boiling temperature, time, casting temperature, and casting speed.
2. 6.8 inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate.

  • Production capacity can range from 150 kg per hour to 600 kg.
  • Variable frequency speed control control sugar flow.
  • Mixtures of flavor, pigment, and acids online.
  •  conveyor belt, cooling system and dual molding mechanism ensure that the demould smoothly.
  • can produce candy of various shapes according to the different molds.
  •  the whole production line is manufactured according to standard, in line with food hygiene requirements.

Gummy Making Machine is based on the market’s demand for various shapes, color, using advanced production technology, which is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high quality candy (QQ sugar), can be replaced or cast heads. Production of high quality, variety of shapes, a variety of flavored fakes. Highly automated production can not only produce quality and stable products, but also save manpower and space, thereby reducing production funds, which is the best choice for candy processing plants.

How to make Candy Gummies?

Fudge is a soft softball, how to make Candy Gummies? Generally speaking, the fabrication of soft candies has two types of handmade and machine making. And the process is very simple. Today, let’s take a look at these two crafts that make soft sugar.

First, let’s introduce the practice of homemade soft sugar, soft sugar is one of the most easy to manually crafly. It will not prepare more than other types of candies. So it is very popular in homemade candies.

1, make basic soft sugar:
Basically, only four ingredients, water, sugar, gelatin and seasoning are required. Mixing water with gelatin, heating and cooling naturally produces elastic soft gum, soft sugar does not need to add too much-toned, but the taste is still great.

2, make a variety of soft candies:

It can produce candy far more than known soft sugar types, and the fabrication of soft candies is to be invented. Press the soft sugar type, below is some minor ideas:
Chocolate soft sugar: cocoa soft sugar, chocolate soft sugar, etc.
Funny soft sugar: cookies and cream soft candies, etc.
Fruit soft sugar: orange soft sugar, almond soft sugar, coconut soft sugar, etc.


  1. If you are already very good at making basic candy, try the difficulty.
    2, don’t care about time and failure, just part of how to improve your own candy is good.
    3, in many cases, sugar-free or less sugar can be selected in confectionery production.
  2. For vegetarians, some animal ingredients can be searched online.


All kinds of candies do not eat too much, high sugar and other non-essential nutrients may lead to health problems, such as diabetes, acne, indigestion, weight gain, etc. Just treat the candy as a special activity and hospitality

Candy production is a very happy thing, you will use a sweet material during the production, you can also enjoy delicious. According to your own technical level, you can make simple candies, or those who attract eyeballs, which depends on which of you is interested. Let’s take a look at how the soft candied confection is made.


Raw material dissolution → transport → storage → preheating → shrink microfilm steaming → discharge → season → Sediment → Cooling → Self-mold → delivery → Packing → finished product

GUMMY MACHINE Application:

Can produce monochrome, double-flavored two-color spray, double-flavored double-layer, sandwich, hard, hard candies, whole production lines, designated production lines, making food companies easier food companies through food certification.

The composition of Gummy Making Machine:
This production line is composed of a fast pressure dissolved, a vacuum film continuous sugar, a servo intelligent pouring machine, a flavor pump, a mixer, a spreader, an injector, a corner machine, a coating machine, a high performance refrigerator.

Commercial Gummy Candy Machine Features:

  1. Replace the partial device and the mold, which enables rapid conversion of the soft sugar and the hard sugar production line.
  2. can be appropriately added according to different natural nutrients, forming your own unique flavor.
  3. conveyor belt, cooling system tank chain double-mold double-molding mechanism to ensure smoothness, no noise, small mold wear.
  4. Advanced equipment such as rotor pump, caching machine, etc., ensuring optimal production line performance, more efficient, longer service life.
  5. the PLC variable frequency control box uses a large touch screen, display process flow chart, each partial working state, temperature, speed and other parameter setting information, etc., allowing users to make it easier to operate.

The above is a method of manual production and machine making a soft sugar. We usually bought the candy is generally the production of candy production machines. If you are interested, you can make your favorite soft candy.

How much is a pound of gummy bears?

Gummy bears are a prevalent category of snacks on the market. The candy is soft, sweet, and sour taste, fruity flavor is very thick, and many flavors, such as watermelon, strawberry, orange, blueberry, and many different flavors. So you can open like a taste a fruit platter, can bring a variety of taste buds to enjoy.

Friends who love gummy bears must have eaten a variety of candies. Usually, they always buy some and keep them at home. When they want to eat them, they will chew them out. how much is a pound of gummy bears? Everyone should have bought gummy candies at different prices. Generally speaking, a pound of gummy bears is only a few dollars or more than a dozen dollars. The better ones are more expensive, but they are all very reasonable.

Nowadays, candies in the market are very common. You can see all kinds of candies in supermarkets, shopping malls, small shops, etc. The candy processing plants produce various types of candy through the gummy bear machine and then for sale. Are you interested in learning more about the process of the gummy production line? And what are the characteristics of the gummy making machine? Take a look at it together.

Process flow

Sugar dissolution→filtration→sugar pot→cooling→adds flavoring→deposition molding→cooling→mold→drying room→packaging. 

The characteristics of gummy candy production line:

1, hygienic structure design, online completion of flavor pigment, quantitative acid filling, and mixing.

2, high production efficiency, according to different selection configurations, can produce single-color, two-flavored two-color double layer, and other gelatin soft candy.

3、Automated production can produce stable quality and save manpower and occupy space, thus reducing production costs.

4、The production line is automatically controlled by PLC program, hygienic design, powerful function, compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.

5、The whole production line is manufactured according to GMP standards, pipeline production process, fewer human factors, stable product quality, in line with food GMP hygiene requirements.

Composition of gummy candy production line:

The gummy candy production line consists of sugar making system, extruder or powder filling machine, batching roller, rope pulling machine, forming machine, cooling conveyor, packing machine, etc. It is popular in producing different candies, and you can buy a whole production line.

1、Sugar melting pot: used to melt the sugar and keep it warm.

2、Sugar syrup storage tank: for storing sugar syrup and filtering pure sugar syrup.

3、Vacuum continuous microfilm pot: suitable for high-quality syrup.

4、Pouring machine: It is the main part of the line, which can produce different candies by using different molds.

5、Cooling cabinet: cooling the candy before packing to make the candy shape.

What are the standards of the gummy candy production line:

1、304 stainless steel GMP standard (whole-body).

2、Imported electrical components (Siemens, Schneider, ABB) are used.

3、Sandblasted surface (even on the side).

4、All welding.

The gummy bear making machine is a new generation of candy machines based on advanced technology from abroad, combined with the domestic candy manufacturing process requirements. This series of candy-making machine is suitable for producing different specifications of soft candy and hard candy and can also be used to produce spherical lollipops with sandwiches. It can be slightly modified according to customer requirements to produce other shapes of candy.

After reading the above, I think we all have a general understanding of the production process of gummy candy. As professional equipment for producing gummy candy, the gummy candy making machine is very suitable for the use of small and medium-sized enterprises. If you need this, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with reliable quality and reasonable price equipment.

Do gummy worms have different flavors?

Candy is a very common snack in our lives that many people like to eat, both adults and children, and their love of candy is unique. Candy can be said to have entered our history very early, and the candy is listed as one of the top five foods to enjoy as an everyday consumer product. So do gummy worms have different flavors?

The gummy machine can make various types of candies, such as gummy candies, hard candies, lollipops, etc. The shapes and colors of candies are diverse, and the flavors of candies are also varied. And everyone likes different tastes, but eating candies is a feeling that everyone loves. Here are some of the more common and delicious gummies. Let’s take a look at those who love candy.

1、Nestle Fun Fruit

Nestle fun fruit mixed flavors, fun full of fruit juice gummy candy, containing real fruit juice, with a soft and flexible texture so that you can chew every bite of fresh fruit juice flavor.

2、uha fruit gummy candy

uha fruit gummy candy is the softest with the best fleshy texture. It is Q elastic and smooth, and there is real juice in it. You can feel it when you eat it. The candy is translucent, and you can faintly see the pulp and seeds inside, making it very realistic.

3、Haribo gummy bears

The German Haribo family’s most classic gummy bears are carrying many people’s childhood memories. Strawberry, lemon, raspberry, honey orange, pineapple, and apple, each color is a surprise. The taste of the gummy bear is sweet and sour, juice flavor, feel how to eat will not be tired, and very chewy, after eating one still want to eat the next.

4、Kasugai gummy candy 

Japan Kasugai produced a fruit gummy candy, divided into purple grape flavor and white peach flavor. The grape flavor is slightly heavier, very exciting to eat, and the white peach flavor has a sense of freshness, eaten to feel very fresh and refreshing.

5、Turkey Koska gummy candy 

It is a 100-year-old Turkish gummy candy brand that is safe, reliable, and truly natural. Rose, lemon, mint, orange and pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, mixed with a variety of flavors to choose from.

6、welch’s juice QQ gummy candy

The texture is soft and Q-tip, not the kind of gummy candy that can’t be chewed, so whether it’s an adult or a child eating it won’t take much effort. Grabbing a handful and putting it in your mouth is like drinking a big bite of sweet and sour concentrated fruit juice. The taste is super pure and does not have the flavor of domestic QQ candy.

7, Southland durian sugar

Southland food thick durian sugar, using fresh durian juice refined, a distinctive taste, is the taste, fragrant unique. Let people “durian” forget to return, and durian sugar contains high vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

8, Meiji pomegranate juice gummy candy

This Japanese Meiji pomegranate juice candy is also known as a beauty candy, highly recommended by the Japanese “En Women’s Medical Association.” Because the taste is pomegranate juice, the Meiji gummy appearance is designed into the pomegranate, the existence of cute, so people can not be hard to stay not to eat.

9、Sugarfina champagne gummy bears

U.S. SUGARFINA candy is called TIFFANY in the candy world. In addition to the attractive TIFFANY blue packaging shell, its top quality, pure natural fruit juice, no additives, flavorful.

10, Trolli sour bug gummy candy

Trolli is a German candy brand, and its sour bugs gummy candies are the hottest selling models. Each gummy candy ends are different colors spliced. The long shape is very similar to a small worm, so named, the taste is sweet and sour flavor.

Commercial gummy candy machine can produce different flavors of many types and very high-quality candy,  which is the best choice for candy processing plants to produce candy. The few gummy candies introduced in this article are delicious and not expensive. Friends who like to eat sweets can buy them and taste them. There are always flavors you like.

How is gummy candy made?

Everyone must have eaten gummy candy, how is gummy candy made? There are generally two ways to obtain gummy candies. You can make them yourself, or you can buy them. Generally speaking, making gummy candies by yourself is relatively simple and healthy, and safe. For the purchased gummy candies, they are processed by the candy processing factory through the gummy machine. Let’s take a brief look at these two techniques for making gummy candies.

First, let’s introduce the method of making gummy candies. Take agar gummy candies as an example. The process is as follows:

Ingredients recipe:

Agar 2.0, sodium citrate 0.7, water 50, sugar 40, honey 40, fruit flavoring, citric acid each appropriate amount

Process flow:

Agar → soaking → pretreatment → dissolving → filtering  

Sugar, honey → dissolving → filtering → boiling → cooling → coagulation → cutting → packaging


Operation points:

1, agar treatment: agar pre-soak with cool water 0.5-1h. The water is about 25 times of agar. Then slowly heat and dissolve, add sodium citrate, dissolve and filter.  

2, boiling sugar: sugar, starch syrup dissolved with water, heated and boiled together with agar solution, boiled until the temperature of 90-100 ℃, the concentration of 78%-79%.  

3、Cooling: Soluble evacuate the fire source, add flavor, add citric acid and flavor.  

4、Molding: including cutting block molding and pouring mold molding. Cutting block molding is to pour the sugar liquid into the tray to cool and condense, then cut the block to shape. Pouring molding is to pour the mucilage into the starch mold, the temperature of powder mold is 32-35℃, and the temperature of sugar liquid is not less than 60℃. 

5、Drying: The formed agar gummy needs to be dried in the oven to remove excess water. Too high drying temperature and too fast drying speed will make the gummy crusty and crumpled, so it should be mastered.

Understanding the practice of homemade gummy, you are interested in doing it yourself. The process is also very interesting, and you can make different flavors of fudge according to their preferences. Next, let’s take a look at the process of candy making machine, and how it makes gummy?

Composition of gummy candy production line:

The whole line consists of a jacketed dissolving tank, jelly steamer, storage tank, pouring machine, cooling tunnel, conveyor, sugar coating machine (optional), and surface polishing machine (optional).

Process flow:

Sugar dissolution→filtration→sugar pot→cooling→adds flavoring→deposition molding→cooling→mold→drying room→packaging. 

Workflow description:

1, starch and water are mixed in the container to get starch slurry.

2, Starch slurry, water, glucose syrup, and sugar are mixed in an automatic ingredient dissolving system to form a lumpy solution, heated to the required temperature, and cooked to the required sugar content.

3, the cooked syrup is conveyed through pumps and pipes to an injection molding machine for concentrated cooking to the desired starch sugar paste, which is kept in a storage tank for the next process

4, automatic toner tank to obtain the desired color, flavor.

5, The modulated sugar paste is conveyed to the hopper of the pouring machine and deposited into the starch mold to get various colors and shapes of candy.

Features of the commercial gummy candy machine:

1、PLC and touch screen with the latest programming technology can be used for all control and operation.

2、 High-efficiency work can get more benefits, save manpower and prolong machine life. 

3、Unique multi-candy mold design, PLC program in multiple languages to expand the transformation system.

4、Use an automatic steam control system instead of a manual steam valve to control the stable steam supply of the microfilm pot. 

5、High degree of automation, stable production, save time, reduce labor, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

The gummy making machine is suitable for producing many types of candies such as gummy candy, hard candy, toffee, etc. By changing molds or raw materials, the shape and taste of candies can be changed, and the quality of the produced candies is excellent, which can meet different needs of consumers. It is the best equipment for producing candies.

Why are haribo gummies so hard?

Gummy candy is a kind of soft, elastic, and tough, functional candy. After multiple operations, it forms a fine and durable solid candy with different shapes, textures, and flavors and has elasticity and a chewy feel. Confectionery processing plants use the gummy machine to produce many types of candies to meet the needs of consumers.

haribo gummy as a kind of gummy candy is very popular in the market. It has many types and different flavors and has been loved by consumers. But some gummies will become hard, why are haribo gummies so hard? It is mainly related to its production process and quality.

Generally in winter, gummy candy will harden. It depends on the craftsmanship and quality of the product. The production of gummy candies is the biggest test of skill and craftsmanship. The temperature difference between morning and evening is huge. If the materials used are not good and the production process is not careful, the gummy candy will become hard, or other situations will occur. If the gummy candy powder generally used has good gelling properties, the gummy candy will remain soft even at the coldest time at the end of the year.

The production of gummy should go through a series of processes of mixing starch milk, brewing syrup, boiling sugar, cooling, molding, and packaging. The errors of the process pathway are prone to produce samples of quality problems, and there will be various problems if we don’t pay attention to them. The following are some of the issues that are prone to occur during the production of several kinds of gummy candy.

1, When making starch sugar, the starch is not denatured

The higher the starch composition of the amylose composition, the better the gelling performance. The starch composition of the branched chain is not gelatinous but has a large viscosity and has a thickening effect. Therefore, starch jelly needs starch with high amylose content. Starch gelatinizes when heated in water, and the particles swell many times than the original, forming a high-viscosity starch paste, which is not suitable for making soft sweets. It must be modified to reduce the viscosity. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cook and cast.

2, The agar is not soaked well enough

Agar is in the form of strips and powder. Strip agar should be soaked with water for more than twelve hours before use and generally soaked overnight to make the agar fully absorb water and swell so that it can be completely dissolved when heated. Powdered agar should be mixed with five times the weight of the agar and then soaked in water for twenty minutes before use to avoid lumping when dissolving. Powdered carrageenan such as agar powder should be treated similarly. Otherwise, it will affect the freezing power.

3、The gelatin solubilization method is incorrect.

Gelatin sol or gel swelling should be prepared according to the ratio of 1 part of gelatin plus water 1.5 to 3 times, and the gelatin will be fully swollen and moistened. Then use the water-soluble method to melt the swollen gelatin into a sol. The temperature is generally controlled at 95℃, and the heating time is about one hour. It is enough if there are no gelatin particles in the sol. The sol can also be cooled into swelling, which can be used after being cut and weighed. In order to improve the gelatin gel strength, it is best to use the vacuum low-temperature melting method.

4, the dissolution of pectin and PH

In order to make the pectin easy to disperse and dissolve, the pectin must be mixed with 3~5 parts of granulated sugar for dry material first, and then dissolved in hot water and boiled for a few minutes to ensure the complete dissolution of pectin. The pH should be kept below 4.5 during processing to avoid pectin decomposition and above 3.6 to avoid premature gelation and reduce the conversion of granulated sugar. The safest way is to use a buffer in the solution to meet the requirements.

The above points are more common problems, and candy processing factories should pay attention when making candy with gummy bear making machine to avoid the bad quality of candy, easy to harden, or other situations. The performance of the gummy bear making machine is still excellent. As long as you pay a little attention, there are generally no various problems.

How to make homemade gummy bears?

How to make homemade gummy bears?

How to make gummy bears in a factory?

How to store gummy bears?

Candy has a significant meaning to us, not only as an ideal food for receiving friends but also as a daily comfort for our soul. A small candy can give us a lot of strength when we feel bored or tired from work and study.

Gummy candies are a popular category of candy that people of all ages love, not just limited to children. The more popular ones are gummy bears, which are small and cute and very chewy to eat, so how should you make these gummy bears?

how to make homemade gummy bears

When making gummy bears by yourself, the ingredients you need to prepare are:

1. fruit juice

2. gelatin

3. white sugar

4. corn starch

5. honey

You need to follow these steps:

1. Choose the flavor of juice you like, pour it into a pan, and heat it on low heat.

2. When the juice comes to a boil, add the sugar and honey and continue cooking on low heat.

3. Add gelatin.

4. Keep stirring and heating until it becomes syrupy.

5. Use a dropper to drop the syrup into the mold.

6. Sprinkle with cornstarch to prevent sticking.

7. Put it in the refrigerator to cool for about 2 hours and wait for it to solidify and form.

In this way, the gummy bears are made. The production process is very simple and interesting. Eating the gummy bears made by yourself will give you more fun.

The gummy bears we buy daily are mass-produced in factories, using professional gummy machine to produce them, and the process is more advanced.

How to make gummy bears in the factory?

1. Melt sugar and glucose in a boiling sugar pan.

2. Add gelatin and continue heating until it becomes syrupy.

3. Add the right amount of food flavor and coloring according to the ingredients to make different colors and flavors.

4. Cool to room temperature.

5. Transfer the cooled syrup into the mold.

6. Sprinkle with corn starch.

7. Put it in the cooling equipment to cool for about 24h.

8. Demold.

9. Transfer the finished gummy bears into a rotating cylinder and rotate at high speed to remove the excess starch.

10. Add varnish and continue to rotate to give the gummy bears a coat of varnish for more crystal clarity.

11. Packaging.

The process of producing gummy bears in the factory is more complicated, and the gummy bears made are richer in taste. Whether you make gummy bears by hand or buy them from the store, you should pay attention to the storage method.

The way to store gummy bears:

The prepared gummy bears should be stored in an airtight container and kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature, so that they can be stored for several weeks. If they can be stored in the refrigerator, the shelf life will be extended effectively.

Nowadays, gummy bears are prevalent, and the market demand is very high. The gummy bear machine can help manufacturers to improve the quality of gummy bears and further expand the market scale.

The gummy making machine is a very well-known food machine, with very strong practicability, many famous companies are using this equipment. In order to benefit more small and medium-sized enterprises, we have gone through many experiments to effectively control the production cost of the equipment, improve the performance of the equipment, and bring development opportunities for more enterprises.

If you want to know more about gummy bears, welcome to contact us, we are always at the forefront of the industry, with a full range of information consulting, will provide you with the most comprehensive service!

What alcohol is best for gummy bears?

Gummy bears are very popular candy, much more popular among adults than among children. Gummy bears are very chewy to eat, and chewing slowly can kill a lot of time.

Alcohol is an indispensable part of everyday life for many friends, and it’s hard not to drink for a day. In fact, instead of drinking alcohol directly, you can add alcohol to gummy bears, and the gummy bears that have absorbed the alcohol will have a different flavor. So what is the best alcohol to add to gummy bears?

what alcohol is best for gummy bears?

There are many kinds of alcohol that can be added to gummy bears so that you can choose according to your daily preferences.

Vodka is the most commonly used alcohol, and it goes perfectly with gummy bears. If you have not tasted gummy bears with alcohol, you can try it with vodka first. Next, things like tequila, whiskey, and dark rum are some good choices.

In addition, you can also use Sprite or Coke, which will also bring you unexpected results.

It is also very easy to make. You just need to put the gummy bears into a container and then pour in your favorite liquor. It is worth noting that the alcohol must be completely over the gummy bears so that the gummy bears can fully absorb the alcohol, and the taste will be richer.

If you want to make the gummy bears more alcoholic, make sure to soak the gummy bears in alcohol for more than 24h, so that the gummy bears will have enough time to absorb the wine. When you take the gummy bears out after a day, you will find that the gummy bears will be much bigger and will instantly overflow with wine flavor when you bite into them.

The alcohol content of gummy bears soaked in wine is very high, so you must consume them in moderation. If you eat too many gummy bears at work, you can easily get too drunk to work. However, you can enjoy the gummy bears during a party with friends, and it will be an enjoyable experience for you. 

Gummy bears can not only be eaten directly but they can also be soaked in wine to turn into alcohol gummy bears. At the same time, various other unexpected foods can be made. The demand for gummy bears has always been very high because they can be used by consumers as an everyday snack and bring them many novel experiences.

In the era of rapid economic development, consumers have very high requirements for food. Manufacturers can only produce high-quality gummy bears to get a broader market. Therefore, it is necessary to use superior performance production equipment, and commercial gummy candy machine will provide the most help for manufacturers.

The gummy bear making machine is developed by our engineers combining the advanced technology at home and abroad and the production needs of major manufacturers, with the highest cost performance, in line with the actual production needs of manufacturers. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and has a highly automated production method. It can produce a variety of types of gummy candies. You only need to change the mold to produce different shapes of gummy candies. At the same time, we can also customize the mold according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

If you also want to get better development in the competitive candy market, welcome to contact us. We will be happy to serve you!

What kind of gelatin is in haribo gummy bears?

What kind of gelatin is used in gummy bears?

Is there pork in the gelatin?

Are haribo gummy bears a vegetarian food?

haribo is a very famous candy manufacturer and has been very popular for many years. The gummy bears developed by the brand have been loved by countless consumers and have led the way in making gummy bears one of the most popular candies in the world.

One of the essential ingredients in gummy bears is gelatin. Only with the addition of this substance can gummy bears form a tough texture, and this texture is also an important reason why gummy bears can attract countless consumers. So what kind of gelatin is used in gummy bears?

what kind of gelatin is in haribo gummy bears

Gummy bears are made from sugar, glucose syrup, corn syrup, gelatin, and flavoring colors, and gelatin is the most important substance used to make gummy bears. haribo states that they purchase their gelatin from a company called GELITA, which is an animal-based ingredient.

Many people are not aware of gelatin, which is a common ingredient in candy making and is added to marshmallows and chewing gum. There are many rumors that gelatin contains pork, which is very true.

Is there pork in gelatin?

Gelatin is a substance extracted from the bones and hides of pigs or cows and is an animal ingredient, so there is pork in gelatin. Because of this, gelatin is also very rich in protein and amino acids. When you eat gelatin-added candies, the rich amino acids are absorbed directly by the body without digestion, which helps the body recover quickly.

Are haribo gummy bears a vegetarian food?

Obviously, haribo gummy bears are not vegetarian food because the gelatin added makes haribo gummy bears contain animal ingredients, which is not suitable for vegetarians.

If you are a vegetarian, you can choose gummy bears with agar as the gelling agent. Agar is extracted from seaweed and has no animal ingredients, so it is pure vegetarian food, and you can eat it without worry.

It’s just that gelatin is added to most of the gummy bears we buy every day, and so is the haribo gummy bears. If you want to buy gummy bears without gelatin, you should check the ingredients list carefully or buy agar to make gummy bears by yourself.

Nowadays, haribo gummy bears are always in the leading position in the gummy candy industry, and they have the most advanced production process of gummy bears. For ordinary manufacturers, gummy bears have a vast market and contain huge profits. Manufacturers who want to produce high-quality candies like haribo gummy bears need to upgrade their production level.

The gummy bear making machine is a new type of equipment developed by our engineers with the most advanced production process at this stage, and the gummy bears produced are crystal clear and rich in taste.

The commercial gummy candy machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the equipment is durable and not easy to damage. It has very high production efficiency and production quality, in line with the actual production needs of manufacturers. And it is the ideal choice for manufacturers to reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

Gummy bears have extensive market prospects. If you also want to choose high-quality equipment to enhance your production level, then welcome to contact us. I believe that our cooperation will provide you with great help.

What are haribo gummies made of?

What is the Haribo brand gummy made of?

If you have to pick out one of the most popular candies, I believe many people would choose gummy. Gummy seems to be more popular with adults, and the tart sweetness of gummy is more popular than the sweetness in traditional candies. In addition, gummy is also very chewy to eat, very suitable for everyone to eat when recreation.

One of the more well-known brands of gummy is haribo, which is also the founder of gummy and has a lot of experience in production. So how are the haribo brand gummy made?

what are haribo gummies made of

1. White granulated sugar

2. Glucose syrup

3. Corn syrup

4. Gelatin

5. Food flavors and colors

6. Corn starch

7. Brazilian carnauba wax

These are some of the main ingredients that Haribo uses to make gummy. The amount of each ingredient is crucial and will directly determine the taste and quality of the fudge. In addition, to improve the quality of gummy production, the Haribo brand uses higher-end equipment for production.

How are the Haribo brand gummies produced?

1. Boiling sugar

Put white sugar, corn syrup, glucose syrup, etc. into the cooking pot according to the proportion, add an appropriate amount of water, and then heat to melt these raw materials.

After adding gelatin, continue to heat it and stir it well so that the gelatin and the raw materials are fully mixed until it becomes syrup.

2. Cooling

The syrup is cooled and then processed for subsequent production.

3. Blending

The syrup is blended with edible flavors and colors and citric acid to create different colors and flavors. The most popular flavors are fruit flavors, such as apple, lychee, watermelon, orange, pineapple, etc. Cola is a new and popular flavor.

4. Molding

There are many shapes of gummy candies, the more popular ones are bear-shaped and worm-shaped, and of course, fruit-shaped and round squares are in high demand.

Allow the mold to cool and solidify for about 24 hours. At the same time, sprinkle a layer of cornstarch to prevent the gummy candy from sticking to the mold.

After demolding, the gummy is transferred into a rotating cylinder, where high-speed rotation can remove excess corn starch.

5. Packaging

The packaging machine is used for packaging the gummy, and the packaging will further enhance the quality of the gummy.

The above are the specific steps of the Haribo brand production of gummy candy. The reason why the Haribo brand gummy candies have such high quality and are widely welcomed by consumers is mainly because they use high-quality raw materials, high-quality formulas, and superior production equipment to ensure the quality of the gummy candies.

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