What is gummy worms?

Do you like a soft sugar? What is gummy worms? How much is your understanding of my soft? How is the soft candy made?

Fudge is a soft, flexible and tough functional candy. Which is mainly raw materials such as gelatin, syrup, and a plurality of processes. Which forms a solid candy having different shapes, textures, and fragrance, exquisite and preservative. Have elastic and chew. Skose is named, such as starch, agar sint, gelatin, etc., hereby introduce several soft sugar and its production methods. Let’s take a look.

1, juice soft sugar

Juice soft sugar is a kind of candy that is processed by water, juice, gel as raw materials, and the product is rich in vitamins and is deeply loved by the masses. Through the modern process, the small packaging products that are easy to carry, the bag, ready-to-eat, is a party, leisure, tourism. With the advancement of social progress and the improvement of people’s living standards, safety, hygiene, and convenient food will become the preferred choice.

Production Method:
(1) Seaviting: The main raw material of the juice soft sugar is corn starch, and the corn starch is converted into glucose sugar. The glucose syrup used in the soft sugar is the semi-finished product of solid glucose, which can be directly absorbed by the human body. A part of the dry solid substance in the glucose is no sweetness, the rest is glucose and a small amount of maltose, oligosaccharides, etc., so the sweetness of juice is not high, but nutrients are very rich.
(2) Production: According to the characteristics of various fruits, the model is first prepared, then the appropriate amount of refined starch, sucrose, juice, etc., to the specified temperature, and the porridge is formed after the porridge passed. After 72 hours, the starch of the surface of the sugar is washed with a sugar, and then sand, packaging.

The juice fetto is different from the sugar, add different ingredients to make different soft sugars, novel shades, chic flavor, low sugar, and storage, are well received by consumers.

2, gelatin soft sugar

The gelatin is soft, the color is clear, with good transparency. The finished product gelatin soft sugar water requires 12 to 18%, and the reducing sugar requires 20 to 40%. And the shape is mostly rectangular and square. Gelatin soft gum is elastic, there is no flavor, nutritious. Especially suitable for the majority of children and elderly.

Method: Gelatin soft sugar is based on gelatin, first dissolve the white sugar and starch syrup. Then cool and add freezing rubber. After standing, two different production methods can be used to mold the molding and condensation.

3, starch soft sugar

Starch soft sugar is a lace sugar made from starch, white sugar, etc., which is a soft-proof, which is one of the starch deep processing products. Its texture is soft and slightly elastic. Which is half-transparent, sweet and not greasy, chewed, soft and refreshing. Making more fruit flavor or cool flavor, is very popular among consumers. Market demand is strong.

4, agar gum

Agar gum is a colloid as a agar. Such faked has a good transparency with good elasticity, toughness and brittleness. And makes a fruit flavor, cool flavor and milk taste. Crystal soft sugar belongs to agar gum, with a water content of about 18 to 24%. The agar soft sugar is soft and not sticky, sweet and not greasy. Is an ideal food for home travel and gifts.

The above is a relatively common flexible type. And their production can be done through a soft sugar production machine. Gummy Machine is used to produce fake sugar, most advanced equipment. Can produce monochrome, two-color soft gum and sandwich. The machine is high, high yield, composed of dissolved tanks, gear pumps, tanks, vacuum pots, and cooling channels. Gummy Making Machine made of candy finished surfaces are transparent and smooth, good taste, and satisfy the mastries of the public, deeply loved by consumers.