How big is the world’s largest gummy bear?

Nowadays, young people like to eat some wonderful foods. After all, the era of now is different from before, and the food will try some novel foods. And the manufacturer seems to know the young people, make a very wonderful food, and there are still many people who are curious to buy. For example, this kind of food you want to say —— giant bear soft sugar, I don’t know if you have eaten?

How big is the world? limited gummy bear?

Goodiegumdrops This soft bear is the most important world, can weigh 5 pounds, a small bear soft sugar equivalent to 1400 ordinary sizes, don’t look at it, the taste is also very good, and it is chewy. There are a variety of tastes such as raspberry, cherry, pineapple, cola, grape, lemon, oranges, etc., as Christmas or birthday gifts or family will be a good choice!

Seeing this cute giant bear soft sugar in the figure, it is estimated that the friends who have eaten are still relatively small. It is extremely attractive to pay attention to the ranks of the net red food. Like this type of candy, if you want to try it, everyone can buy a taste once, but usually still eat some normal bear soft sugar. Let’s talk about the craft crafts of cubs.

Now the candy processing plant generally uses a soft sugar production machine to process the production of soft sugar, and the cousin soft candied automatic release machine is automatically demolded by aluminum alloy mold, which can produce monochrome, two-color QQ sugar (gelatin) and other soft sugar. Compared with the traditional production method, it has a great advantage. It is a continuous production method. It is manufactured under absolute hygienic conditions, good quality, uniform shape, light rays, and product have good brightness and transparency.

Gummy Bear Making Machine Flowchart:
Sugar —> Sugar storage —> Vacuum microfilm —> Cooling —> Deposition —> Soldup —> Cooling —> Packaging

Main features of Gummy Making Machine:

1. compact structure, stable performance, convenient control.
2. the casting is arbitrarily selected, and the running speed can be adjusted steplessly as needed.
3.the machine is provided with the mold automatic tracking detection device, and no mold is automatically stopped.

4.The device uses the program setting control principle to make the castor run more stable and accurate. machine, suitable for pouring a variety of candy, hard candy, gel soft sugar, namrose, etc.
6. the power of the equipment is compressed air. The entire work environment is clean, complies with GMP production requirements.

The production line also has the following features:
1. PLC automatic programming control vacuum sugar boiling temperature, time, casting temperature, and casting speed.
2. 6.8 inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate.

  • Production capacity can range from 150 kg per hour to 600 kg.
  • Variable frequency speed control control sugar flow.
  • Mixtures of flavor, pigment, and acids online.
  •  conveyor belt, cooling system and dual molding mechanism ensure that the demould smoothly.
  • can produce candy of various shapes according to the different molds.
  •  the whole production line is manufactured according to standard, in line with food hygiene requirements.

Gummy Making Machine is based on the market’s demand for various shapes, color, using advanced production technology, which is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high quality candy (QQ sugar), can be replaced or cast heads. Production of high quality, variety of shapes, a variety of flavored fakes. Highly automated production can not only produce quality and stable products, but also save manpower and space, thereby reducing production funds, which is the best choice for candy processing plants.