Do gummy worms have different flavors?

Candy is a very common snack in our lives that many people like to eat, both adults and children, and their love of candy is unique. Candy can be said to have entered our history very early, and the candy is listed as one of the top five foods to enjoy as an everyday consumer product. So do gummy worms have different flavors?

The gummy machine can make various types of candies, such as gummy candies, hard candies, lollipops, etc. The shapes and colors of candies are diverse, and the flavors of candies are also varied. And everyone likes different tastes, but eating candies is a feeling that everyone loves. Here are some of the more common and delicious gummies. Let’s take a look at those who love candy.

1、Nestle Fun Fruit

Nestle fun fruit mixed flavors, fun full of fruit juice gummy candy, containing real fruit juice, with a soft and flexible texture so that you can chew every bite of fresh fruit juice flavor.

2、uha fruit gummy candy

uha fruit gummy candy is the softest with the best fleshy texture. It is Q elastic and smooth, and there is real juice in it. You can feel it when you eat it. The candy is translucent, and you can faintly see the pulp and seeds inside, making it very realistic.

3、Haribo gummy bears

The German Haribo family’s most classic gummy bears are carrying many people’s childhood memories. Strawberry, lemon, raspberry, honey orange, pineapple, and apple, each color is a surprise. The taste of the gummy bear is sweet and sour, juice flavor, feel how to eat will not be tired, and very chewy, after eating one still want to eat the next.

4、Kasugai gummy candy 

Japan Kasugai produced a fruit gummy candy, divided into purple grape flavor and white peach flavor. The grape flavor is slightly heavier, very exciting to eat, and the white peach flavor has a sense of freshness, eaten to feel very fresh and refreshing.

5、Turkey Koska gummy candy 

It is a 100-year-old Turkish gummy candy brand that is safe, reliable, and truly natural. Rose, lemon, mint, orange and pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, mixed with a variety of flavors to choose from.

6、welch’s juice QQ gummy candy

The texture is soft and Q-tip, not the kind of gummy candy that can’t be chewed, so whether it’s an adult or a child eating it won’t take much effort. Grabbing a handful and putting it in your mouth is like drinking a big bite of sweet and sour concentrated fruit juice. The taste is super pure and does not have the flavor of domestic QQ candy.

7, Southland durian sugar

Southland food thick durian sugar, using fresh durian juice refined, a distinctive taste, is the taste, fragrant unique. Let people “durian” forget to return, and durian sugar contains high vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

8, Meiji pomegranate juice gummy candy

This Japanese Meiji pomegranate juice candy is also known as a beauty candy, highly recommended by the Japanese “En Women’s Medical Association.” Because the taste is pomegranate juice, the Meiji gummy appearance is designed into the pomegranate, the existence of cute, so people can not be hard to stay not to eat.

9、Sugarfina champagne gummy bears

U.S. SUGARFINA candy is called TIFFANY in the candy world. In addition to the attractive TIFFANY blue packaging shell, its top quality, pure natural fruit juice, no additives, flavorful.

10, Trolli sour bug gummy candy

Trolli is a German candy brand, and its sour bugs gummy candies are the hottest selling models. Each gummy candy ends are different colors spliced. The long shape is very similar to a small worm, so named, the taste is sweet and sour flavor.

Commercial gummy candy machine can produce different flavors of many types and very high-quality candy,  which is the best choice for candy processing plants to produce candy. The few gummy candies introduced in this article are delicious and not expensive. Friends who like to eat sweets can buy them and taste them. There are always flavors you like.