Why do Bodybuilders Eat Gummy Bears?

Everyone may know that the general athlete needs to add a certain amount of sugar before and after exercise. And the bearing soft sugar is also a food they often eat. 

Why do BodyBuilders Eat Gummy Bear? If the athlete adds a small amount of sugar before fierce, it can help them improve the exercise performance. After exercise, it will make sugar to eliminate fatigue.

Generally, the body is directly supplied by three phospin. If it is insufficient, if there is insufficient in the body. The three types of proteins, fats and sugar are metabolized in the body to form triphosphate adenosine. Among these three substances, sugar can be said to be the first nutrient. Because no matter whether there is no oxygen supply, it can fully decompose. Generate energy supply materials. But fat or protein, only under the condition of sufficient oxygen. break down.

In addition, if the sugar is decomposed in the body, it often produces water and carbon dioxide. These two types of substances are more common in our body. They will follow the body outside, and reduce the impact on the body to the greatest extent. However, if it is a protein or fat, it will not only produce carbon dioxide and water. But also produce ketosh and ammonia, although the two substances are harmless to the human body. But to a certain extent, it will affect the stability of the body fluid.

Sugar can be said to be the most excellent energy substance during exercise. It is said that it is called a high-quality raw material for cells, and under the same conditions, it produces energy efficiency is more rapid than fat and protein.

The above is the reason why the athletes intake in front of the exercise, then let’s talk about everyone, if it is insufficient for sugar, what will happen?

Under normal circumstances, the sugar branch in our body is stored in two places. one is glucose stored in the blood, and the other is a glycogen stored in muscle and liver.

When the internal sugar content is reduced, the function ratio of blood sugar during the muscle exercise will also increase, especially after a long period of movement, the muscle glycogen will consume a lot, in which case the efficiency of sports muscles High, will take blood glucose in the blood to make up for the lack of muscle glycogen, but at this time, the skeletal muscle has not been sufficient, but the level of exercise is, it will have a heavy feeling, which means The fatigue period of the body appears.

If the exercise time continues to extend, not only the glycogen composition in the muscles will be completed, but the blood sugar level will also decline, and if there is no external sugar, it is particularly prone to hypoglycemia. Symptoms.

If the body is in hypoglycemia, the brain and neuromic tissue will be affected because the brain can use only glucose in the blood, if it is reduced, the brain will produce a central fatigue, and then Forcing the body to stop exercise.

In addition, immune cells in the body are also glucose as energy substances. So if there is hypoglycemic symptoms, the immune function is more or less affected, it makes it easier to sick. In this way, the sugar is still very effective before exercise. And many professional athletes will increase the reserves of the muscle glycem to 40% before the exercise. So that even under high-load training cycles, the body can also Rapid recovery.

The above is the cause of exercise before the exercise and the symptoms of the body after the lack of sugar, I hope to help all friends. Gummy Bear Machine is designed to make a variety of candies, and the created candy is very high quality. Gummy Bear Making Machine can produce different shapes and taste of candy. And athletes can be worried. In addition, you can remind you to take a relatively balanced nutrition as much as possible in your life. So you can guarantee your health.