How much is a pound of gummy bears?

Gummy bears are a prevalent category of snacks on the market. The candy is soft, sweet, and sour taste, fruity flavor is very thick, and many flavors, such as watermelon, strawberry, orange, blueberry, and many different flavors. So you can open like a taste a fruit platter, can bring a variety of taste buds to enjoy.

Friends who love gummy bears must have eaten a variety of candies. Usually, they always buy some and keep them at home. When they want to eat them, they will chew them out. how much is a pound of gummy bears? Everyone should have bought gummy candies at different prices. Generally speaking, a pound of gummy bears is only a few dollars or more than a dozen dollars. The better ones are more expensive, but they are all very reasonable.

Nowadays, candies in the market are very common. You can see all kinds of candies in supermarkets, shopping malls, small shops, etc. The candy processing plants produce various types of candy through the gummy bear machine and then for sale. Are you interested in learning more about the process of the gummy production line? And what are the characteristics of the gummy making machine? Take a look at it together.

Process flow

Sugar dissolution→filtration→sugar pot→cooling→adds flavoring→deposition molding→cooling→mold→drying room→packaging. 

The characteristics of gummy candy production line:

1, hygienic structure design, online completion of flavor pigment, quantitative acid filling, and mixing.

2, high production efficiency, according to different selection configurations, can produce single-color, two-flavored two-color double layer, and other gelatin soft candy.

3、Automated production can produce stable quality and save manpower and occupy space, thus reducing production costs.

4、The production line is automatically controlled by PLC program, hygienic design, powerful function, compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.

5、The whole production line is manufactured according to GMP standards, pipeline production process, fewer human factors, stable product quality, in line with food GMP hygiene requirements.

Composition of gummy candy production line:

The gummy candy production line consists of sugar making system, extruder or powder filling machine, batching roller, rope pulling machine, forming machine, cooling conveyor, packing machine, etc. It is popular in producing different candies, and you can buy a whole production line.

1、Sugar melting pot: used to melt the sugar and keep it warm.

2、Sugar syrup storage tank: for storing sugar syrup and filtering pure sugar syrup.

3、Vacuum continuous microfilm pot: suitable for high-quality syrup.

4、Pouring machine: It is the main part of the line, which can produce different candies by using different molds.

5、Cooling cabinet: cooling the candy before packing to make the candy shape.

What are the standards of the gummy candy production line:

1、304 stainless steel GMP standard (whole-body).

2、Imported electrical components (Siemens, Schneider, ABB) are used.

3、Sandblasted surface (even on the side).

4、All welding.

The gummy bear making machine is a new generation of candy machines based on advanced technology from abroad, combined with the domestic candy manufacturing process requirements. This series of candy-making machine is suitable for producing different specifications of soft candy and hard candy and can also be used to produce spherical lollipops with sandwiches. It can be slightly modified according to customer requirements to produce other shapes of candy.

After reading the above, I think we all have a general understanding of the production process of gummy candy. As professional equipment for producing gummy candy, the gummy candy making machine is very suitable for the use of small and medium-sized enterprises. If you need this, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with reliable quality and reasonable price equipment.