What’s in sugar free gummy bears?

Candy has always been an indispensable part of casual food, both adults and children have an incomparable love for candy, and gummy bears have gained the love of countless people. Many people will carry gummy bears with them because they are very chewy and can be chewed for a long time, which is very suitable for adults.

But gummy bears as candy, sugar content is relatively high, which leads to many people can not eat. In order to allow more people can eat gummy bears, some manufacturers have produced sugar-free gummy bears, so what does the sugar-free gummy bear contain?

what’s in sugar free gummy bears

In order to prevent obesity and other diseases caused by excessive sugar intake, many candy factories have decided to reformulate their recipes with sugar-free additives to reduce the sugar content of gummy bears. They often replace various sugars with maltitol, which is also the primary sweetener in sugar-free gum, sugar-free jam, and sugar-free ice cream.

The main ingredients in sugar-free gummy bears are

1. maltitol

2. Gelatin

3. Citric acid

4. Food flavors and colors

5. Coconut oil

6. Brazilian carnauba wax

Sugar-free gummy bears have the same taste as traditional gummy bears and are very rich in flavor. But it is worth noting that sugar-free gummy bears are a highly processed food and should not be consumed in excess. It is recommended that you do not consume more than one pack per day. Otherwise, it is likely to cause discomfort to your stomach.

However, there are many benefits to consuming sugar-free gummy bears. First of all, sugar-free gummy bears do not contain sugar and use an artificial sweetener, maltitol, which will not make you gain weight and will not cause diseases such as diabetes.

Most importantly, maltitol is a substance often used by doctors to help people to defecate, so if you have constipation, you can also consume sugar-free gummy bears. They will effectively relieve your constipation and make your body more relaxed. But don’t overeat, or you will have diarrhea, which will make you feel very miserable.

The emergence of sugar-free gummy bears is also demanded by the market. Nowadays, consumers pay more attention to a healthy diet, so sugar-free gummy bears are gradually recognized by the public. Although the market demand for gummy bears is now very high, manufacturers must keep up with the market trend to ensure that the product meets the needs of the public today.

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer with very rich experience in research and development and production. We master the latest development in the candy industry and fully understand the market and consumer demand. We can provide the most advanced production solutions for the majority of manufacturers. After years of development, we have provided opportunities for enterprises in many countries and regions.

The gummy machine is used by many famous candy companies and has high quality and can produce many different shapes and types of candy, which is very versatile. The gummy bear machine can produce gummy bears that best meet the needs of consumers, and the sugar-free gummy bears produced have very high quality and very low production costs. It is very beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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How much are gummy edibles?

How does gummy exist in our memory? Gummy has always been a magical existence. Once you start to eat it, you can’t stop it. The gummy machine can make various types of gummies to meet our needs.

Gummy is a soft, bouncy, tart, and sweet snack that many people love to eat. Nowadays, there are many kinds of gummy candies, and when buying gummy candies, it is always dazzling, so how much are gummy edibles? Let’s take a look!

1、Crispy fresh milk ball sandwich gummy

Crispy fresh milk ball sandwich gummy, this gummy is very delicious, with a full creamy flavor. The outer skin of the gummy is a thick layer of milk sugar icing. Inside is QQ soft gummy, eaten very chewy, and not very sticky teeth. And there are a variety of flavors in a big bag, every time you eat one, and you will taste a different flavor.

2、Sandwich marshmallows

The soft cotton candy, wrapped in a soft filling, brings an unexpected taste. Sandwich marshmallows are delicious, and there are many flavors to choose from. And the marshmallows have a very high appearance, and they are a kind of soft candy that is worth trying.

3, corn popping gummy

There are many corn-flavored gummies. But corn popcorn gummy does not. It tastes bouncy, and there is popping pulp inside. The pulp inside makes the gummies richer in taste, richer in flavor, and full of the aroma of corn. It is a more delicious gummy.

4、Vitamin C gummy

Vitamin C gummy also contains a lot of vitamin C, is delicious, and is also more effective in supplementing vitamin C. When you enjoy eating sugar, you can replenish the nutrients your body needs, which are delicious and healthy.

5、Children’s nutritional gummy

It is a kind of gummy containing certain nutrients. It has the delicious qualities of gummy, meets the desire of children love to eat sweets, and supplements nutrition, children’s nutritional gummy compared to ordinary gummy, will be more healthy.

6、Meiji Meiji pomegranate juice soft candy

The pomegranate candy is rarely seen in the country, but the use of real concentrated juice. A candy, you can enjoy the double harvest of juice and collagen simultaneously, girls must like it very much, and the packaging is also cute.

7, Germany Haribo gummy

The most classic gummy bear from Haribo in Germany carries many childhood memories. Strawberry, lemon, raspberry, honey orange, pineapple, and apple, each color is a surprise. The gummy bears have a sweet and sour taste, with a strong fruit juice taste, and it doesn’t feel greasy to eat, and it is very chewy.

8, ecoro / Econo gummy acid bug

Trolli is also a German candy brand. It is a small sour bug gummy candy that is considered the hottest-selling model. Each gummy candy ends are different colors spliced, and the long shape is very similar to a small worm, hence the name, the taste is sweet and sour flavor.

9, Kanebo kracie chewing gum

Japanese Kracie produced a crispy sandwich gum, also known as breath candy. This gummy looks like a pair of owed to eat, the outside wrapped in crisp grapefruit flavor icing. The inside is honey grapefruit-flavored gummy, crispy outside and sticky inside, sweet and sour fruit flavor in the mouth reverberate, dense sense of full.

10, Malaysia’s special EGO coconut cake gummy

The EGO coconut cake candies are from Malaysia. The little gummies have a soft chew, rich milky aroma, and moderate sweetness. Coconut cake and egg pudding will taste excellent when eaten together. This coconut candy and pudding are also very delicious to eat together.

The above is the introduction of several gummies. They all have their characteristics, and they are all very delicious. The gummy making machine can make many types of gummies. I believe there will always be your favorite flavors.

Are gummy bears pork?

Gummy bears have a vast market in the candy industry, and many people like to eat gummy bears. No matter what class or what kind of people, they all have an incomparable love for gummy bears. It is mainly because gummy bears are full of toughness, can be chewed for a long time, and have a sweet and sour taste, so they are prevalent.

However, there are many rumors about gummy bears. Some people say that gummy bears are made of pork, while others think that this statement is completely wrong, so are gummy bears made of pork or not?

are gummy bears pork

Gummy bears are a popular candy. The main raw materials include white sugar, glucose syrup, food flavoring, coloring, gelatin, etc. Among them, gelatin is one of the important raw materials. Only when gelatin is added, the gummy bears can form a chewy texture.

But gelatin is not vegetarian food. It is extracted from the bones and hides of pigs or cows, which means that gummy bears contain pork, so for some vegetarians or halal eaters, gummy bears are inedible candy.

It turns many people’s imaginations upside down, as most people believe that gummy bears are widely available as candy, but this is not the truth. In order to make gummy bears available to more people, many manufacturers have also made changes in the ingredients of gummy bears.

Nowadays, some manufacturers use agar or pectin instead of gelatin, producing tough gummy bears. Agar is a seaweed extract that does not contain any animal ingredients so that you can eat it without worry.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a halal eater, you can buy gummy bears that meet your dietary needs. But gummy bears are a kind of candy after all, so you should pay attention to the amount when you eat them.

The sugar content in gummy bears is very high, and excessive consumption will turn sugar into fat in your body, which is not good for your health, will make you gain weight, and cause you to develop tooth decay, which will cost you a lot of money to treat.

Therefore, regardless of whether or not gummy bears have pork added to them, it is necessary to consume them in moderation to ensure our health and to allow us to enjoy more delicious food.

Gummy bears have been very hot in the market since they were introduced, and after years of development, they have always occupied a very important position in the candy industry. But with the development of technology, the production process of gummy bears has made significant progress, and manufacturers can only use higher quality equipment to achieve greater success in the gummy candy industry.

The gummy bear making machine has a very high cost performance, gaining the recognition of many well-known enterprises, the production of gummy candies in the market always in the leading position.

The commercial gummy candy machine has reliable quality, smooth operation, compact structure, small footprint, simple operation of PLC control system. It can produce single-color, two-color, or multi-color gummy bears, which are widely used.

Gummy bears are a very hot type of candy in the market and have a very broad market prospect. If you also want to buy cost-effective equipment to get a higher quality of your production and processing, welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to more customers coming to our factory for field visits!

Are gummy bears fattening?

Will gummy bears make people fatter?

Are gummy bears harmful to humans?

Are gummy bears good for the human body?

Candy has always been a prevalent casual food, and many people like to eat it, especially some adults, who love gummy bears much more than children. Especially when they are bored or busy at work, a small gummy bear can make everyone feel a lot better.

However, gummy bears are always a kind of candy, and many people who love to eat gummy bears will also have doubts, that is, will gummy bears make people gain weight?

are gummy bears fattening

Gummy bears are a trendy candy and a unique candy. They are made of sugar, glucose syrup, and corn syrup, and then gelatin and other gelling agents are added to make them. Among them, the sugar content is very high. If you don’t pay attention to the amount of food, you will be at risk of gaining weight if you eat a lot of it every time.

Although gummy bears are very tasty and chewy, it is recommended that you do not consume more than one bag at a time. Otherwise, the syrup in gummy bears will be converted into fat in your body, making you gain weight inadvertently.

In addition, too much sugar can cause you to develop tooth decay, which is not a big problem but can be very painful and cost you a lot of money to treat.

So it seems that gummy bears are not a portion of healthy food, so are gummy bears harmful to humans?

Are gummy bears harmful to humans?

As a kind of candy, gummy bears have certain harmful effects on the human body. The first thing is the high sugar content, which makes you gain weight or tooth decay. Secondly, it can cause various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. The most important thing is that the nutrient elements in gummy bears are relatively simple, and long-term consumption will cause you to become malnourished.

Although gummy bears are not very friendly to the human body, as long as you consume a reasonable amount of gummy bears daily, the harm caused by gummy bears will not be worth mentioning and will not affect you much.

Are gummy bears good for the human body?

Gummy bears are enriched with gelatin, a substance that is rich in amino acids and can be absorbed directly by the body without digestion, making them ideal for you to consume after exercise for the fastest recovery. In addition, gummy bears can also promote intestinal health and skin tightening.

Gummy bears are a trendy candy. As long as you can eat in moderation and do not overeat, you can fully absorb the nutrition in the gummy bears and make the maximum effect of gummy bears.

Faced with such a broad market, manufacturers can only further improve their product quality and production efficiency to gain more consumer recognition.

As a professional food machinery manufacturer, the gummy bear making machine developed by us has gained the recognition of many famous enterprises. It has now been exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, France, and Russia, making outstanding contributions to the local gummy candy industry.

commercial gummy candy machine has a very high cost performance, reliable equipment quality, and very competitive price. It can give manufacturers greater production advantages, if you need, welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Is there pork in haribo gummy bears?

“Adults and children say yes, happy to taste Haribo.” Haribo is a famous German children’s gummy candy brand whose rich fruit flavors and excellent taste make children and adults alike love it. Like the tagline says, HARIBO products are full of imagination, bringing deliciousness and unlimited fun for kids and adults!

There are a wide variety of gummy bears and a wide range of flavors. What are the ingredients in these gummy bears, is there pork in Haribo gummy bears? Let’s take a few more popular gummy bears to analyze with you:

1、Classic Little Golden Bear Series

“Haribo Haribo gummy golden bears are mixed fruit-flavored gummies containing six flavors: pineapple, apple, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and lemon. The main ingredients are gelatin, glucose syrup, fruit juice concentrate, spices, food coloring, etc.

2、Colour Rado&mini Colour rado series

Main ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, brown syrup, glucose, gelatin, lactose, wheat flour, palm oil, citric acid, skim milk powder, licorice extract.

Juice concentrates: apple, orange, lemon, raspberry, coconut.

Fruit and plant concentrates: lemon, passion fruit, mandarin orange, beet, nettle, orange, mango, elderberry, black currant, apple, spinach, wild cherry, kiwi, grape.

The six flavors in the first row all have licorice added: apple, blood orange, strawberry, lingonberry, raspberry, and lemon-flavored gummy bear. The six in the second row are all gummy bear without licorice added. The second and sixth are shaped differently as honey orange. The third and fifth are shaped differently as pineapple, the first is strawberry, and the fourth is lemon. The third row is all sandwich fruit candies with licorice added: lemon, caramel, pineapple, honey orange, chocolate, and coconut flavor.

3、TROPIFRUTTI tropical fruit series

Main ingredients (allergen free): sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin, citric acid.

Fruit and plant concentrates: carrot, spirulina, raspberry, nettle, orange, lemon, mango, passion fruit, elderberry fruit, apple, blackcurrant, spinach, kiwi, aña, grape.

Polish: beeswax white and yellow, Brazilian carnauba wax; caramel syrup; carob fruit sweetened with carob.

4, PICO-BALLA Football Boy

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose – and fructose syrup, wheat flour, wheat starch, palm oil, glucose, gelatin.

Emulsifiers: mono – and fatty acid diglycerides, citric acid.

Fruit and plant concentrates: black currant, elderberry, aña, grape, radish, apple, spirulina.

Glazing agents: beeswax white and yellow, Brazilian carnauba wax.

One candy contains triple flavors, sandy texture, sweet but not cloying, melt in the mouth, three different flavors wrapped. The first is the apple-flavored crust, and the sandwich is blackberry and lemon two flavors. The second is a strawberry-flavored crust, and the sandwich is forest berry and honey orange two flavors; the third is a lemon-flavored crust, the sandwich is forest berry and honey orange two flavors.

5、BRIXX sandwich fruit soft candy series

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, sorbitol syrup, wheat flour, citric acid, malic acid, palm oil, gelatin.

Emulsifier: mono – and fatty acid diglycerides.

Varnish: Brazilian carnauba wax.

Dyes: curcumin, chlorophyllins, copper complexes.

Fruit and plant concentrates: black currant, elderberry, ania, grape.

Acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate.

6、Happy Cherries Happy Cherry Series

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, glucose, citric acid.

Fruit and vegetable concentrate: saffron, spirulina, apple, radish, sweet potato, carrot, blackcurrant, hibiscus.

Polish: beeswax white and yellow, Brazilian carnauba wax.

7、Fruity-Bussi series

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar; glucose, gelatin, citric acid, lactic acid, carrageenan.

Fruit and plant concentrate: orange, strawberry, mango, carrot, nettle, spinach, safflower, lemon, hibiscus.

Acidity regulators: sodium citrate.

Antioxidants: vitamin E extract.

Polish: beeswax white and yellow, Brazilian carnauba wax.

After reading the several above introductions, you have a certain understanding of haribo gummy bears. These gummy bears can be processed and made by a gummy bear machine. gummy bear making machine can produce a wide variety of candies and is the best equipment for making candies.

Where did gummy bears come from?

There are many kinds of gummy bears, and various gummy bears are prevalent globally, both at home and abroad. The development of gummy bears also has a very long history, having existed for a long time, where did gummy bears come from, and how was it made?

Gummy bears should first originate in Germany and then slowly developed to various countries, and there are many imported gummy bears in our market. Today, the candy industry in all countries is growing very rapidly, and China is no exception. With the hot sale of candy, people’s demand for gummy candies has increased, and there are more and more candy processing plants, which also drive the development of related industries.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of food processing machinery. As shown in the picture, this is a new type of gummy bear making machine that we developed and manufactured based on our previous experience, after listening to customers’ opinions and analyzing the market situation, which has many advantages and is more advanced than the last candy making machine.

Advantages of gummy bear machine

1, Superior quality, easy to operate, reliable working, and high output.

2, Automatic deposition/forming of jelly syrup into the mold, then automatic cooling and demolding.

3, PLC and touch screen provide the latest technology for programming all controls and operations.

4, Servo system for more accurate deposition quality control and change two colors or different types of fillers.

5, High-efficiency work can get more profit, save labor and prolong machine life.

Process flow of soft candy production line

Sugar dissolution→filtration→sugar pot→cooling→flavoring→deposition molding→cooling→mold→drying room→packaging 

The fudge processing line is advanced continuous equipment for producing different kinds of candies, commercial gummy candy machine consists of an electric sugar pan, cooling table, heat preservation roller, drawing machine, forming machine, cooling sieve, and packing machine, which can produce different shapes, different flavors and various colors of candies. The whole production line is electrically integrated and controlled, easy to operate, ideal equipment for small and medium-sized candy factories.

We are also one of the leading professional exporters in China. Besides candy production lines, we also supply high-quality chocolate production equipment, cookie-making machines, and packaging machinery to domestic and foreign customers. Our machines have been exported to Eastern Europe, South America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. As a first-class confectionery, chocolate, cookie, and packaging machinery manufacturer, we provide competitive and economical advanced equipment and offer total solutions for our customers’ needs.

After-sales service:

1, Free warranty for 12 months from the date the buyer receives the machine. 

2, Confirm the type of machine: Consult with the customer and choose the correct machine according to the customer’s requirements.

3, After confirming all details with customers, such as payment terms, model number, delivery time, send official quotation to customers.

4, When the equipment arrives at the customer’s factory, send engineers to install and make sure the customer knows how to operate the machine.

5, To improve our products, we keep close contact with our customers to get their feedback and suggestions.

No matter what your production requirements are, we have the right solution. We offer different types of machines to meet your needs for flexibility and speed. We offer swinging, disposable, servo-driven pouring types for center-fill fondant and striped fondant. If you are interested in our machines and need this area, feel free to contact us or visit us at the factory, we would be honored.

How to make gummy candy without jello?

The family will buy much sugar during the New Year’s holidays, many holidays each year. Relatives walk around to buy various snacks, and sugar is a perfect choice when walking relatives. Children are more love to eat sugar. Many children like to eat QQ candy, fudge, or something. Today to share a small snack related to fudge.

The following is a quick way to solve the problem of fudge. When you have too much fudge at home, you can use this method to make the same delicious food as jelly. Learn this novel way to eat fudge today and never worry about running out of fudge again.

Fudge jelly practice

First, preparation of ingredients

Fudge jelly prepared ingredients: five colors of fudge, yogurt, water, a piece of sponge cake; not many ingredients to prepare, just a bit of fudge.

Second, the production steps

1, 200 grams of a bowl of fondant, add 100 ml of water, turn on the heat to melt the sugar into a liquid until there are no particles, turn off the heat, add 100 ml of yogurt to the fondant solution and mix well.

2, fudge solution and yogurt mix well after pouring into the prepared mold while it is still hot, pour it thoroughly, and then put it in the refrigerator for two hours to chill it. Each color is separate to do, do not put several colors in one pot.

3, first, look at the red fondant refrigerated for two hours, then take the fondant out of the mold on it.

4, all the fondant is refrigerated into jelly after the knife is cut into small pieces and then stirred with a spoon to let the color distribute evenly. Some put next to the spare.

5, now pick the white transparent fondant into a pot, pour 100 ml of water, turn on the heat to the fondant into a liquid, turn off the heat after it becomes liquid, and then add 100 ml of yogurt mix well.

6, cut the colored fondant into rectangular molds and pour the melted transparent fondant into the mold.

7, and all the ingredients are put into the mold, then the prepared sponge cake covers the surface of the mold, and then put in the refrigerator to chill, four hours after the colorful jelly is complete.

Understanding the practice of fudge jelly, and then look at the production of jelly fudge.

First, raw material formula (using slow-coagulation type HM – pectin 150 °)  

Group 1: 30 kg of water, sodium citrate 0.40 kg, citric acid 0.37 kg  

Group 2: pectin 1. 5 kg, sugar 5 kg  

Group 3: granulated sugar 46 kg, glucose syrup 30 kg  

Group 4: citric acid 0.37 kg, get the total weight of fondant 100 kg

Second, the production method.

1, put the water in group 1 into the heating pot, then add sodium citrate and citric acid, heat and stir to dissolve completely to keep about 60℃.  

2, Dry and mix the pectin powder and sugar in group 2 well in advance to avoid bonding into a lump, and add this mixture into the above acid solution.  

3, Heat this material slowly to boiling and keep boiling for two minutes until the pectin dissolves completely.  

4, Add the sugar in group 3 to the pectin solution, heat it to boiling and dissolve, then add the glucose syrup and mix it thoroughly.  

5, Boil this material to 78% concentration (measured by refraction).  

6, Citric acid in group 4 will be dissolved in advance with an equal amount of water, add the boiled solution above, and add the required pigment solution and spices mixed well. At this time, the absolute pH value is about 3.5.  

  • Move this material to the mold pouring machine. Inject into the starch model or ceramic, metal, plastic, and other models until the condensation is formed. Pay attention to the temperature and pouring time when pouring the mold to master proper.

As for how to make gummy candy without jello? It is also elementary to make various sweets by yourself by referring to the practice of fudge jelly and jelly fudge introduced above. In addition, the use of a gummy bear machine can also make delicious fudge, which is a very time-saving method. Candy processing plants commonly use gummy making machine to process and produce a variety of candy, with excellent results.

How to make shelf stable gummy bears?

Gummy bears are one of the most popular candies nowadays, which are tart and chewy. Take a gummy bear and put it in your mouth, chew it carefully for a long time, and when you are tired of working, gummy bears can make you more relaxed.

There are many different kinds of gummy bears in stores, but most people want to buy gummy bears with a long shelf life because gummy bears are a kind of candy that cannot be eaten more than once, so they can be stored for a long time. So how do you make gummy bears with a long shelf life?

how to make shelf stable gummy bears

The professional technical article The top 7 jellybean production equipment for cost performance in 2021 shows that gummy bears are delicious and also very popular, and gummy bears with a longer shelf life are more popular among consumers. To make gummy bears with a longer shelf life, you need to use professional equipment and adopt a higher production process to make them.

When producing gummy bears, manufacturers will develop high-quality formulas. The various ingredients are well-balanced. Not only are they rich in taste, but the shelf life can also be effectively extended. In addition, they must use professional production equipment gummy making machine for production.

The raw materials of gummy bears usually include white sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin, food flavor and color, corn starch, and palm oil. The first step is to put the raw materials such as white sugar and glucose syrup into the cooking pot in proportion, add a certain proportion of water, and use a small fire to heat the raw materials to melt slowly.

After the ingredients are melted, gelatin is added in proportion to the ingredients. The correct proportion of gelatin is very important to make the gummy bears tough but not stick together, which can extend their shelf life. After adding the gelatin, continue to heat it and simmer it to a syrupy state.

The syrup is cooled slightly, then food flavoring and coloring are added to create different textures and colors and then cooled again.

When the syrup is cooled to room temperature, it is dripped into the bear molds, then a thin layer of corn starch is sprinkled on the molds and placed in the cooling equipment for about 24 hours.

After the syrup is solidified, it is demolded and conveyed into the rotating cylinder, rotating at high speed. The excess corn starch is removed, after which the varnishing oil is added.

Finally, the packaging machine is used for packaging.

The above are the complete steps for the manufacturer to produce gummy bears. In order to extend the shelf life, the manufacturers have more production techniques when producing gummy bears, such as a reasonable ratio of raw materials, using corn starch to prevent sticking, extending the cooling and solidifying time, and using varnish, which can effectively extend the shelf life of gummy bears.

If you are making gummy bears by yourself, you can also adopt the above methods, and pay attention to store the gummy bears in a cool and dry place, so that they will have a longer shelf life.

gummy making machine is the most commonly used food machine by manufacturers. It is cost-effective, superior in performance, and has a very high production efficiency. It can produce many types of candies, and the equipment can be used for a long time. The operation and maintenance are also very simple, which is very suitable for medium and small enterprises.

If you want to know more information about the production of gummy bears, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

How to make gummy bear candy?

But cute and weird, Gummy Bear is your favorite. In daily life, there are countless casual snacks, and everything is available. Gummy bears are one of them. They are suitable for all ages and are loved by consumers. They are very popular in the market. So, have you ever considered how this sweet and sour, delicious fudge is made? how to make gummy bear candy?

The production of gummy candies is actually very simple. You can make them yourself or process them. If you are self-made, you only need some simple materials. If you are interested, you can refer to some tutorials on the Internet to make soft candies that meet your own taste at home. sugar. The soft candies we usually buy are usually processed and produced by candy processing plants. The following mainly talks about how the soft candies are processed in the industry.

As shown in the picture, this is the gummy bear machine specially used to produce soft candies in industry. It is an advanced continuous production equipment that produces candies of various shapes and colors. The production line is mainly composed of dissolving tank, storage tank, precipitation machine, cooling machine, sugar coating machine (optional), polishing machine (optional). It is suitable for the production of various materials, such as gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, gum arabic, etc.

Features of gummy making machine:

  1. PLC/computer process control is available.
  2. LED touch screen, easy to operate.
  3. High degree of operation automation and high degree of intelligence.
  4. Made of stainless steel, the whole machine has stable transmission and reliable performance.
  5. Convenient cleaning and maintenance, high thermal efficiency and convenient use.
  6. By changing molds and raw materials, candies of different shapes, colors and flavors can be made.
    Process flow:
    Sugar and carrageenan/gelatin/pectin dissolution → mixing → cooling → transportation → deposition → cooling → demoulding → packaging

The gummy bear making machine is specially designed for making soft candy with one or more colors. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which saves time, labor, space, and reduces production costs. It has advanced technology and simple and convenient operation. It is an ideal equipment for producing high-quality candies. It also meets the needs of candies processing plants and can bring higher economic benefits.

We are a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of confectionery machinery and baking equipment. We have strong technical force, sophisticated equipment and advanced technology. Our products are sold all over the country, exported to Russia, the Middle East, South Asia, South America and other countries and regions, and are deeply loved by new and old customers at home and abroad. We will use high-quality products, efficient and professional pre-sales and after-sales services to repay everyone’s support.

After-sales service:

  1. Provide equipment installation and debugging guidance.
  2. Provide special training to workers so that they can better master the operation and maintenance skills of the machine.
  3. Permanently provide equipment accessories, reasonable price and fast delivery.
  4. Can provide you with a complete candy production line and technical solutions.
  5. The product is within the warranty period or the permanent warranty beyond the warranty period, and quickly responds to the machine malfunction reported by the customer.

Our after-sales service is very high-quality and in place. If you buy a soft candy making machine or any other equipment from us, we will provide you with the most thoughtful and considerate service. In addition, our prices are also very reasonable. You can’t afford to lose, and you can’t be fooled. Trust us, choose us, and let us go hand in hand!

How do you make gummies not stick together?

Many people are very fond of eating gummy, the audience of gummy is very wide, from children to the elderly, all like this very chewable food, under the fine taste can kill a lot of time. More and more people are making gummy by themselves, which is relatively easy to make.

But because of the rusty skills, many people encounter the same problem when making gummy. That is, the gummy is very sticky and even sticks together. It’s very different from the gummy bought in the store. So how can we make gummies that don’t stick together?

how do you make gummies not stick together?

The professional technical article The top 6 quality gummy production equipment in 2021 shows that the development of the internet has led many people to make gummy by themselves, and everyone wants their gummy to be sour and sweet with a crystal clear appearance. But the opposite is often true: when you open your gummy again, it is likely to stick together like a gooey lump. The main reasons for this phenomenon are your wrong dosage, not using varnish, etc.

1. Use the correct dosage

The factory has a very professional recipe when producing gummy, and the ratio of each ingredient is exact. And when we make it ourselves at home, we often do as we please and can’t be very precise. If your gummy appears sticky, you should think about whether the sugar content is too high or the gelatin content is too high.

2. Use corn starch

I’m sure you’ll be able to find that the gummy you buy from the store has a layer of powdered material on the surface, and yes, this is corn starch. The addition of corn starch can make the gummy surface lose its stickiness and prevent them from sticking together. You can sprinkle a layer of corn starch before unmolding, and you will be surprised.

3. Use varnish

A large part of the reason why the gummy in the store can be so crystal clear is that it is coated with a layer of cooking oil, which looks higher-grade, and the glazing oil can effectively prevent the gummy from sticking. When you take the gummy out of the mold, you can lightly spray some edible oil, not too much, to effectively prevent the gummy from sticking.

The above are several ways to prevent gummy from sticking together, and you can try them out. When you are experienced in making gummy, you can naturally master more skills, and we look forward to your sharing more tips with us.

The gummy produced by the manufacturer does not stick together because in addition to the manufacturer having the right recipe and many techniques, it is also due to the professional production equipment they use. Quality equipment can produce higher quality gummy, which is the key to improve the manufacturers’ economic efficiency.

The gummy bear machine is a well-known new type of equipment in the industry. It has been exported to many countries and regions such as Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, and Japan. It has aroused a lot of local responses and promoted the development of the local gummy industry.

The gummy making machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with very high-quality standards and superior performance. The appearance of the produced gummy is crystal clear and chewy, which is widely recognized by consumers.

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