How to make gummy candy without jello?

The family will buy much sugar during the New Year’s holidays, many holidays each year. Relatives walk around to buy various snacks, and sugar is a perfect choice when walking relatives. Children are more love to eat sugar. Many children like to eat QQ candy, fudge, or something. Today to share a small snack related to fudge.

The following is a quick way to solve the problem of fudge. When you have too much fudge at home, you can use this method to make the same delicious food as jelly. Learn this novel way to eat fudge today and never worry about running out of fudge again.

Fudge jelly practice

First, preparation of ingredients

Fudge jelly prepared ingredients: five colors of fudge, yogurt, water, a piece of sponge cake; not many ingredients to prepare, just a bit of fudge.

Second, the production steps

1, 200 grams of a bowl of fondant, add 100 ml of water, turn on the heat to melt the sugar into a liquid until there are no particles, turn off the heat, add 100 ml of yogurt to the fondant solution and mix well.

2, fudge solution and yogurt mix well after pouring into the prepared mold while it is still hot, pour it thoroughly, and then put it in the refrigerator for two hours to chill it. Each color is separate to do, do not put several colors in one pot.

3, first, look at the red fondant refrigerated for two hours, then take the fondant out of the mold on it.

4, all the fondant is refrigerated into jelly after the knife is cut into small pieces and then stirred with a spoon to let the color distribute evenly. Some put next to the spare.

5, now pick the white transparent fondant into a pot, pour 100 ml of water, turn on the heat to the fondant into a liquid, turn off the heat after it becomes liquid, and then add 100 ml of yogurt mix well.

6, cut the colored fondant into rectangular molds and pour the melted transparent fondant into the mold.

7, and all the ingredients are put into the mold, then the prepared sponge cake covers the surface of the mold, and then put in the refrigerator to chill, four hours after the colorful jelly is complete.

Understanding the practice of fudge jelly, and then look at the production of jelly fudge.

First, raw material formula (using slow-coagulation type HM – pectin 150 °)  

Group 1: 30 kg of water, sodium citrate 0.40 kg, citric acid 0.37 kg  

Group 2: pectin 1. 5 kg, sugar 5 kg  

Group 3: granulated sugar 46 kg, glucose syrup 30 kg  

Group 4: citric acid 0.37 kg, get the total weight of fondant 100 kg

Second, the production method.

1, put the water in group 1 into the heating pot, then add sodium citrate and citric acid, heat and stir to dissolve completely to keep about 60℃.  

2, Dry and mix the pectin powder and sugar in group 2 well in advance to avoid bonding into a lump, and add this mixture into the above acid solution.  

3, Heat this material slowly to boiling and keep boiling for two minutes until the pectin dissolves completely.  

4, Add the sugar in group 3 to the pectin solution, heat it to boiling and dissolve, then add the glucose syrup and mix it thoroughly.  

5, Boil this material to 78% concentration (measured by refraction).  

6, Citric acid in group 4 will be dissolved in advance with an equal amount of water, add the boiled solution above, and add the required pigment solution and spices mixed well. At this time, the absolute pH value is about 3.5.  

  • Move this material to the mold pouring machine. Inject into the starch model or ceramic, metal, plastic, and other models until the condensation is formed. Pay attention to the temperature and pouring time when pouring the mold to master proper.

As for how to make gummy candy without jello? It is also elementary to make various sweets by yourself by referring to the practice of fudge jelly and jelly fudge introduced above. In addition, the use of a gummy bear machine can also make delicious fudge, which is a very time-saving method. Candy processing plants commonly use gummy making machine to process and produce a variety of candy, with excellent results.