How much are gummy edibles?

How does gummy exist in our memory? Gummy has always been a magical existence. Once you start to eat it, you can’t stop it. The gummy machine can make various types of gummies to meet our needs.

Gummy is a soft, bouncy, tart, and sweet snack that many people love to eat. Nowadays, there are many kinds of gummy candies, and when buying gummy candies, it is always dazzling, so how much are gummy edibles? Let’s take a look!

1、Crispy fresh milk ball sandwich gummy

Crispy fresh milk ball sandwich gummy, this gummy is very delicious, with a full creamy flavor. The outer skin of the gummy is a thick layer of milk sugar icing. Inside is QQ soft gummy, eaten very chewy, and not very sticky teeth. And there are a variety of flavors in a big bag, every time you eat one, and you will taste a different flavor.

2、Sandwich marshmallows

The soft cotton candy, wrapped in a soft filling, brings an unexpected taste. Sandwich marshmallows are delicious, and there are many flavors to choose from. And the marshmallows have a very high appearance, and they are a kind of soft candy that is worth trying.

3, corn popping gummy

There are many corn-flavored gummies. But corn popcorn gummy does not. It tastes bouncy, and there is popping pulp inside. The pulp inside makes the gummies richer in taste, richer in flavor, and full of the aroma of corn. It is a more delicious gummy.

4、Vitamin C gummy

Vitamin C gummy also contains a lot of vitamin C, is delicious, and is also more effective in supplementing vitamin C. When you enjoy eating sugar, you can replenish the nutrients your body needs, which are delicious and healthy.

5、Children’s nutritional gummy

It is a kind of gummy containing certain nutrients. It has the delicious qualities of gummy, meets the desire of children love to eat sweets, and supplements nutrition, children’s nutritional gummy compared to ordinary gummy, will be more healthy.

6、Meiji Meiji pomegranate juice soft candy

The pomegranate candy is rarely seen in the country, but the use of real concentrated juice. A candy, you can enjoy the double harvest of juice and collagen simultaneously, girls must like it very much, and the packaging is also cute.

7, Germany Haribo gummy

The most classic gummy bear from Haribo in Germany carries many childhood memories. Strawberry, lemon, raspberry, honey orange, pineapple, and apple, each color is a surprise. The gummy bears have a sweet and sour taste, with a strong fruit juice taste, and it doesn’t feel greasy to eat, and it is very chewy.

8, ecoro / Econo gummy acid bug

Trolli is also a German candy brand. It is a small sour bug gummy candy that is considered the hottest-selling model. Each gummy candy ends are different colors spliced, and the long shape is very similar to a small worm, hence the name, the taste is sweet and sour flavor.

9, Kanebo kracie chewing gum

Japanese Kracie produced a crispy sandwich gum, also known as breath candy. This gummy looks like a pair of owed to eat, the outside wrapped in crisp grapefruit flavor icing. The inside is honey grapefruit-flavored gummy, crispy outside and sticky inside, sweet and sour fruit flavor in the mouth reverberate, dense sense of full.

10, Malaysia’s special EGO coconut cake gummy

The EGO coconut cake candies are from Malaysia. The little gummies have a soft chew, rich milky aroma, and moderate sweetness. Coconut cake and egg pudding will taste excellent when eaten together. This coconut candy and pudding are also very delicious to eat together.

The above is the introduction of several gummies. They all have their characteristics, and they are all very delicious. The gummy making machine can make many types of gummies. I believe there will always be your favorite flavors.