How to make gummy bear candy?

But cute and weird, Gummy Bear is your favorite. In daily life, there are countless casual snacks, and everything is available. Gummy bears are one of them. They are suitable for all ages and are loved by consumers. They are very popular in the market. So, have you ever considered how this sweet and sour, delicious fudge is made? how to make gummy bear candy?

The production of gummy candies is actually very simple. You can make them yourself or process them. If you are self-made, you only need some simple materials. If you are interested, you can refer to some tutorials on the Internet to make soft candies that meet your own taste at home. sugar. The soft candies we usually buy are usually processed and produced by candy processing plants. The following mainly talks about how the soft candies are processed in the industry.

As shown in the picture, this is the gummy bear machine specially used to produce soft candies in industry. It is an advanced continuous production equipment that produces candies of various shapes and colors. The production line is mainly composed of dissolving tank, storage tank, precipitation machine, cooling machine, sugar coating machine (optional), polishing machine (optional). It is suitable for the production of various materials, such as gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, gum arabic, etc.

Features of gummy making machine:

  1. PLC/computer process control is available.
  2. LED touch screen, easy to operate.
  3. High degree of operation automation and high degree of intelligence.
  4. Made of stainless steel, the whole machine has stable transmission and reliable performance.
  5. Convenient cleaning and maintenance, high thermal efficiency and convenient use.
  6. By changing molds and raw materials, candies of different shapes, colors and flavors can be made.
    Process flow:
    Sugar and carrageenan/gelatin/pectin dissolution → mixing → cooling → transportation → deposition → cooling → demoulding → packaging

The gummy bear making machine is specially designed for making soft candy with one or more colors. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which saves time, labor, space, and reduces production costs. It has advanced technology and simple and convenient operation. It is an ideal equipment for producing high-quality candies. It also meets the needs of candies processing plants and can bring higher economic benefits.

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