How do you make gummies not stick together?

Many people are very fond of eating gummy, the audience of gummy is very wide, from children to the elderly, all like this very chewable food, under the fine taste can kill a lot of time. More and more people are making gummy by themselves, which is relatively easy to make.

But because of the rusty skills, many people encounter the same problem when making gummy. That is, the gummy is very sticky and even sticks together. It’s very different from the gummy bought in the store. So how can we make gummies that don’t stick together?

how do you make gummies not stick together?

The professional technical article The top 6 quality gummy production equipment in 2021 shows that the development of the internet has led many people to make gummy by themselves, and everyone wants their gummy to be sour and sweet with a crystal clear appearance. But the opposite is often true: when you open your gummy again, it is likely to stick together like a gooey lump. The main reasons for this phenomenon are your wrong dosage, not using varnish, etc.

1. Use the correct dosage

The factory has a very professional recipe when producing gummy, and the ratio of each ingredient is exact. And when we make it ourselves at home, we often do as we please and can’t be very precise. If your gummy appears sticky, you should think about whether the sugar content is too high or the gelatin content is too high.

2. Use corn starch

I’m sure you’ll be able to find that the gummy you buy from the store has a layer of powdered material on the surface, and yes, this is corn starch. The addition of corn starch can make the gummy surface lose its stickiness and prevent them from sticking together. You can sprinkle a layer of corn starch before unmolding, and you will be surprised.

3. Use varnish

A large part of the reason why the gummy in the store can be so crystal clear is that it is coated with a layer of cooking oil, which looks higher-grade, and the glazing oil can effectively prevent the gummy from sticking. When you take the gummy out of the mold, you can lightly spray some edible oil, not too much, to effectively prevent the gummy from sticking.

The above are several ways to prevent gummy from sticking together, and you can try them out. When you are experienced in making gummy, you can naturally master more skills, and we look forward to your sharing more tips with us.

The gummy produced by the manufacturer does not stick together because in addition to the manufacturer having the right recipe and many techniques, it is also due to the professional production equipment they use. Quality equipment can produce higher quality gummy, which is the key to improve the manufacturers’ economic efficiency.

The gummy bear machine is a well-known new type of equipment in the industry. It has been exported to many countries and regions such as Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, and Japan. It has aroused a lot of local responses and promoted the development of the local gummy industry.

The gummy making machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with very high-quality standards and superior performance. The appearance of the produced gummy is crystal clear and chewy, which is widely recognized by consumers.

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