How to make gummy snacks?

Gummy is popular as a delicious casual snack, and candy processing factories use gummy making machine to make a wide variety of candies to meet the needs of consumers. Gummy is very delicious to eat directly, and it can also be used to make some other snacks.

A variety of gummy snacks can be made with gummy snacks, how to make gummy snacks? The method of making gummy snacks is also very simple. Here are a few gummy snack practices. If you happen to have gummy candy at home, you may want to spend a few minutes learning, and the production process is very interesting.

1, gummy fruit platter

The fruit platter is a kind of fruit craft that relieves the stomach, enhances appetite, beautifies the banquet, enhances the atmosphere, and enhances friendship. Peel and cut seasonal fruits of different colors according to personal preference, put them on a plate, you can cut some red mountain cakes, put in a few grapes of different colors, and finally put in your favorite soft candy. And then sprinkle a little sugar, pour a little personal favorite flavor of thick juice, put it into the refrigerator to chill for a while; it is done.

You can also add salad dressing instead of sugar and strong juice to make a fudge fruit salad. A plate of colorful, sweet and sour, cold and refreshing fondant fruit platter (fruit salad) is a great success. Try it! Food needs to be accompanied by beautiful tableware. Eating with beautiful tableware will make you feel different.

2、Sandwich gummy

To make a delicious filling, the texture and taste of the outer skin and filling are essential. Take the practice of fruit jelly. For fruit jelly, you need to prepare juice and gelatin powder. For the juice, you can choose the fruit you like. After washing the fruit and cutting it into pieces, use a juicer to squeeze it into juice. Gelatine powder needs to be soaked in clear water. Generally, two teaspoons of gelatine powder and 50 ml of water are enough. Stir well so that the raw materials are ready.

Then the juice is boiled in a pot. Heat the pot and put an appropriate amount of sugar; you can put it according to your taste. Pour the juice into the pot and simmer it slowly over a low fire. Stir while cooking it. After the white sugar is melted, you can put the gelatine powder into the water. It should also be boiled while stirring. Wait for the gelatin powder. Full integration is enough. After boiling, pour the juice into a flat-bottomed container, put plastic wrap on the bottom of the container, and then put the juice in the refrigerator for more than two hours and wait for it to form.

3, gummy jelly

Ingredients for making gummy jelly: different colors of fudge, yogurt, water, a piece of sponge cake.

Add the gummy to the water and turn on the heat to melt the sugar into a liquid until there are no particles and then turn off the heat. Add the yogurt to the gummy solution and mix well, then pour it into the prepared mold while it is still hot, pour it fully, and put it in the refrigerator for two hours. Each color is done separately, do not put several colors in one pot.

After refrigerating for two hours, the gummy was removed from the mold. After all the gummy has been refrigerated and turned into jelly, cut into small pieces with a knife, and then stir with a spoon to distribute the color pieces evenly and set aside for later use.

The colored gummy will be cut into rectangular molds, and then the melted transparent gummy will be poured into the molds. After all the ingredients have been put into the molds, the prepared sponge cake will be covered to the surface of the molds and then put into the refrigerator for four hours to chill.

The methods of several gummy snacks introduced in this article are very simple, and you can learn to make them. gummy machine can make all types of candy. The candies we usually buy are basically processed by a candy making machine, and the processed candies are still very high-quality, which can meet our needs.