How to make gelatin candy?

In candy production, gelatin is more elastic, tough, and transparent than starch and agar. Especially when producing gummy candy and toffee with sufficient elasticity and full shape, high-quality gelatin with high gel strength is required. how to make gelatin candy?

In the past, the process technology of the Australian NID production line was often used to cast the gelatin jelly. The gelatin syrup mixture is about to be boiled and poured into the pre-prepared starch wooden tray and dried and dehydrated in a drying room to form. Recently, China’s candy machinery industry has newly developed and mass-produced a gelatin gummy candy casting production line.

The gummy making machine completely eliminates the old starch tray process, which is tedious and easy to raise dust and pollution. It omits the process of removing starch residue on the surface of the finished products of the old process, greatly reduces the cost of the baking room and the production’s energy consumption, and makes the gelatin gummy more transparent, brighter, and improves the quality. The main process equipment and process technology essentials are briefly introduced as follows.

Gelatin gummy production process requires low temperature, suitable for fortification with various vitamins, which is conducive to the development of fortified foods and therapeutic foods. The production of gelatin gummy candy is the development of gelatin protein resources, which can change the product structure of candy and is also conducive to the increase of reasonable nutritional ingredients in candy.

Composition of the main equipment.

Sugar melting equipment, vacuum or water bath type gelatin melting equipment, vacuum boiling or sugar boiling equipment, cooling and molding equipment, drying room.

Commercial gummy candy machine process flow:

Conversion of syrup → injection mold → cooling → demolding → loading sieve tray → moisture drying → selection → balance temperature difference → packaging → boxing

The main points of gelatin gummy production:

1, gelatin gummy is based on gelatin. Different soft pond varieties use different physical and chemical properties of gelatin. The production of gelatin gummy candies should be based on the different types of gummy candies, and the selection of gelatin should be done scientifically and reasonably.

3、When using liquid glucose to produce gelatin gummy candy, sometimes the quality of liquid glucose is unstable, which will directly affect the quality of gummy candy. If fructose is used instead of liquid glucose to produce gelatin gummy, the produced gummy can keep the sugar body soft and the flavor pure.

4, gelatin applied to the production of gummy, pay special attention to the characteristics of gelatin properties easily destroyed by heat and acid. Although gelatin gel has excellent reversibility, gelatin may become an irreversible colloid in the case of excessive heat. In the production of gelatin fondant, citric acid is often used as a flavoring agent. The pH of the boiled syrup is around 3.5-4, so special attention should be paid to the reasonable use of gelatin.

Gelatin is a reversible hydrophilic colloid. Although it does not dissolve easily in cold water, it can absorb water and swell. When it absorbs more than twice the amount of water, it dissolves into a sol when heated and condenses into a soft and flexible jelly when cooled. Gelatin gel gradually melts into sol at 40℃ or more and then condenses into a gel when cooled to 30℃ or less, which is the main characteristic of gelatin jelly.

Gelatin is a kind of protein colloid, so the influence of acid, alkali, and temperature on protein will have a certain influence on gelatin. In the production of gummy, which is generally fruit-flavored, the process of melting and dehydration of the material is done under heated conditions, which inevitably affects the gelatin strength and viscosity.

Therefore, in the actual production process of gelatin gummy, control the pH of the material, heating temperature, and time, choose the right amount of gelatin input, input time, choose the right acidifier and input time, input amount. According to the different design requirements of the product, repeated tests can be made to produce qualified products that meet the design requirements.