Why are haribo gummies so hard?

Gummy candy is a kind of soft, elastic, and tough, functional candy. After multiple operations, it forms a fine and durable solid candy with different shapes, textures, and flavors and has elasticity and a chewy feel. Confectionery processing plants use the gummy machine to produce many types of candies to meet the needs of consumers.

haribo gummy as a kind of gummy candy is very popular in the market. It has many types and different flavors and has been loved by consumers. But some gummies will become hard, why are haribo gummies so hard? It is mainly related to its production process and quality.

Generally in winter, gummy candy will harden. It depends on the craftsmanship and quality of the product. The production of gummy candies is the biggest test of skill and craftsmanship. The temperature difference between morning and evening is huge. If the materials used are not good and the production process is not careful, the gummy candy will become hard, or other situations will occur. If the gummy candy powder generally used has good gelling properties, the gummy candy will remain soft even at the coldest time at the end of the year.

The production of gummy should go through a series of processes of mixing starch milk, brewing syrup, boiling sugar, cooling, molding, and packaging. The errors of the process pathway are prone to produce samples of quality problems, and there will be various problems if we don’t pay attention to them. The following are some of the issues that are prone to occur during the production of several kinds of gummy candy.

1, When making starch sugar, the starch is not denatured

The higher the starch composition of the amylose composition, the better the gelling performance. The starch composition of the branched chain is not gelatinous but has a large viscosity and has a thickening effect. Therefore, starch jelly needs starch with high amylose content. Starch gelatinizes when heated in water, and the particles swell many times than the original, forming a high-viscosity starch paste, which is not suitable for making soft sweets. It must be modified to reduce the viscosity. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cook and cast.

2, The agar is not soaked well enough

Agar is in the form of strips and powder. Strip agar should be soaked with water for more than twelve hours before use and generally soaked overnight to make the agar fully absorb water and swell so that it can be completely dissolved when heated. Powdered agar should be mixed with five times the weight of the agar and then soaked in water for twenty minutes before use to avoid lumping when dissolving. Powdered carrageenan such as agar powder should be treated similarly. Otherwise, it will affect the freezing power.

3、The gelatin solubilization method is incorrect.

Gelatin sol or gel swelling should be prepared according to the ratio of 1 part of gelatin plus water 1.5 to 3 times, and the gelatin will be fully swollen and moistened. Then use the water-soluble method to melt the swollen gelatin into a sol. The temperature is generally controlled at 95℃, and the heating time is about one hour. It is enough if there are no gelatin particles in the sol. The sol can also be cooled into swelling, which can be used after being cut and weighed. In order to improve the gelatin gel strength, it is best to use the vacuum low-temperature melting method.

4, the dissolution of pectin and PH

In order to make the pectin easy to disperse and dissolve, the pectin must be mixed with 3~5 parts of granulated sugar for dry material first, and then dissolved in hot water and boiled for a few minutes to ensure the complete dissolution of pectin. The pH should be kept below 4.5 during processing to avoid pectin decomposition and above 3.6 to avoid premature gelation and reduce the conversion of granulated sugar. The safest way is to use a buffer in the solution to meet the requirements.

The above points are more common problems, and candy processing factories should pay attention when making candy with gummy bear making machine to avoid the bad quality of candy, easy to harden, or other situations. The performance of the gummy bear making machine is still excellent. As long as you pay a little attention, there are generally no various problems.