How long do homemade gummies last?

Gummy is a kind of casual snack that is particularly common in life. It is enjoyed by men, women, and children. However, many people say that there are preservatives and food additives in the gummy on the market, which is not good for health, so they want to make them at home. So how is it made? how long do homemade gummies last?

How to make gummy by yourself (lemon juice fudge as an example):

1, when making gummy by yourself, you can prepare your favorite juice at home 150 grams, lemon juice 15 grams, water syrup 50 grams, sugar 30 grams, gelatin powder 20 grams.

2, Put the prepared juice, water syrup, and white sugar in a clean stainless steel pot, stir while heating, let the sugar in the pot melt all, and the liquid in the pot will also boil slightly to turn off the fire.

3, add the prepared lemon juice to mix well, add the prepared giardiniera to mix well, and inject the resulting liquid directly into the prepared mold.

4, then put them in the refrigerator for three hours, and when it is completely solidified, take out the mold, then you can get a good juice gummy, the taste will feel delicious.

The above gave you a detailed introduction to how the gummy is made and let you learn how to make gummy by yourself, and you can make gummy according to your taste; the method is similar. In the future, when you want to eat gummy, you don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy it, you can make it yourself at home, and the gummy will be delicious and hygienic.

So how long can this homemade gummy last? Because this is self-made, the candy does not contain preservatives, so the shelf life is not long. It is recommended to keep it in the freezer, take it out a little bit when you want to eat as much as you want, and keep it in a light-proof place.

The handmade gummy is delicious and affordable. The most important thing is safety and hygiene. Because I do not add preservatives, the shelf life is greatly reduced. The finished sugar wraps are covered with glutinous rice paper and sugar paper. It is best to put them in a sealed bottle or box and put them in a cool place. It should be no problem to store them for about a month.

The sugar content of candy is high, and sugar is sensitive to humidity. If the environmental humidity is greater than 50%, it will easily make the candy absorb moisture and melt. The moisture content in the air is high, so when preserving candy, candy should be stored in sealed containers to avoid direct contact between candy and air.

Candies can not be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Long-term exposure to sunlight will cause the temperature of the candy to rise sharply, causing it to melt. And candy can not be placed near the heater, small sun, and air conditioning mouth because the temperature of these locations is relatively high and easy to melt.

In addition, before you are ready to eat candies, you must first smell the candies to see if they are sour. If so, do not eat them because such candies have deteriorated. When making gummy by yourself, you can make the right amount of gummy according to your needs and eat it within a certain period to avoid wasting it.

The shelf life of different kinds of candies kept under different conditions also varies. Under normal circumstances, nougat and the like can be kept in the refrigerator for about half a month, hard candy will be longer, but because it is handmade, the shelf life is not as good as that produced in the factory. In the factory, gummy making machine is used to process the candy, and the last step of gummy machine is the packaging. The purpose of this step is to extend the shelf life of the candy.

The shelf life is relatively longer for the purchased fudge, but also pay attention to the preservation method and eat up within the shelf life. For the homemade gummy, eat up as soon as possible. The taste will change over time and also easy to spoil.