How is gummy candy made?

Everyone must have eaten gummy candy, how is gummy candy made? There are generally two ways to obtain gummy candies. You can make them yourself, or you can buy them. Generally speaking, making gummy candies by yourself is relatively simple and healthy, and safe. For the purchased gummy candies, they are processed by the candy processing factory through the gummy machine. Let’s take a brief look at these two techniques for making gummy candies.

First, let’s introduce the method of making gummy candies. Take agar gummy candies as an example. The process is as follows:

Ingredients recipe:

Agar 2.0, sodium citrate 0.7, water 50, sugar 40, honey 40, fruit flavoring, citric acid each appropriate amount

Process flow:

Agar → soaking → pretreatment → dissolving → filtering  

Sugar, honey → dissolving → filtering → boiling → cooling → coagulation → cutting → packaging


Operation points:

1, agar treatment: agar pre-soak with cool water 0.5-1h. The water is about 25 times of agar. Then slowly heat and dissolve, add sodium citrate, dissolve and filter.  

2, boiling sugar: sugar, starch syrup dissolved with water, heated and boiled together with agar solution, boiled until the temperature of 90-100 ℃, the concentration of 78%-79%.  

3、Cooling: Soluble evacuate the fire source, add flavor, add citric acid and flavor.  

4、Molding: including cutting block molding and pouring mold molding. Cutting block molding is to pour the sugar liquid into the tray to cool and condense, then cut the block to shape. Pouring molding is to pour the mucilage into the starch mold, the temperature of powder mold is 32-35℃, and the temperature of sugar liquid is not less than 60℃. 

5、Drying: The formed agar gummy needs to be dried in the oven to remove excess water. Too high drying temperature and too fast drying speed will make the gummy crusty and crumpled, so it should be mastered.

Understanding the practice of homemade gummy, you are interested in doing it yourself. The process is also very interesting, and you can make different flavors of fudge according to their preferences. Next, let’s take a look at the process of candy making machine, and how it makes gummy?

Composition of gummy candy production line:

The whole line consists of a jacketed dissolving tank, jelly steamer, storage tank, pouring machine, cooling tunnel, conveyor, sugar coating machine (optional), and surface polishing machine (optional).

Process flow:

Sugar dissolution→filtration→sugar pot→cooling→adds flavoring→deposition molding→cooling→mold→drying room→packaging. 

Workflow description:

1, starch and water are mixed in the container to get starch slurry.

2, Starch slurry, water, glucose syrup, and sugar are mixed in an automatic ingredient dissolving system to form a lumpy solution, heated to the required temperature, and cooked to the required sugar content.

3, the cooked syrup is conveyed through pumps and pipes to an injection molding machine for concentrated cooking to the desired starch sugar paste, which is kept in a storage tank for the next process

4, automatic toner tank to obtain the desired color, flavor.

5, The modulated sugar paste is conveyed to the hopper of the pouring machine and deposited into the starch mold to get various colors and shapes of candy.

Features of the commercial gummy candy machine:

1、PLC and touch screen with the latest programming technology can be used for all control and operation.

2、 High-efficiency work can get more benefits, save manpower and prolong machine life. 

3、Unique multi-candy mold design, PLC program in multiple languages to expand the transformation system.

4、Use an automatic steam control system instead of a manual steam valve to control the stable steam supply of the microfilm pot. 

5、High degree of automation, stable production, save time, reduce labor, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

The gummy making machine is suitable for producing many types of candies such as gummy candy, hard candy, toffee, etc. By changing molds or raw materials, the shape and taste of candies can be changed, and the quality of the produced candies is excellent, which can meet different needs of consumers. It is the best equipment for producing candies.