How do you keep gummy bears from sticking to vodka?

Gummy is a very unique type of candy, and it tastes sweet and sour and very chewy. Gummy bears are the most popular, small, cute and childlike, and very suitable for adults. Nowadays, many friends use gummy bears to make some unexpected foods, such as vodka gummy bears.

Vodka gummy bears are full of vodka flavor and can be drunk if you are not careful. But because gummy bears absorb a lot of vodka, it can cause gummy bears to stick to the vodka and feel sticky if you touch them directly with your hands, so what can be done to prevent this from happening?

how do you keep gummy bears from sticking to vodka?

Gummy bears become very sticky after absorbing a lot of vodka. The best solution is to soak the gummy bears in vodka for a long time so that they will absorb more vodka and become bigger, which will also effectively change the sticky hand situation.

In addition, when the vodka gummy bears are finished making for storage, it is best to add some corn starch so that the corn starch and vodka gummy bears are well mixed, which can also effectively prevent the gummy bears from sticking to your hands.

Vodka gummy bears are a very popular invention, and when friends get together, you can make some in advance and definitely give them a big surprise.

For some friends who are addicted to alcohol, you can also make some vodka gummy bears. A small gummy bear absorbed full of vodka and very chewy so that the mouth for a long time with the aroma of alcohol, even at work when eating, will not let others feel bored.

However, you must pay attention to the amount of gummy bears you consume because there is a lot of vodka in gummy bears, and you may get drunk if you are not careful, so be sure to eat in moderation.

Although gummy bears are a kind of candy, they are not exclusive to children but more popular among adults. They make gummy bears as vodka gummy bears and gummy bear popsicles, gummy bear ice cream, or gummy bears as a decoration on cookies or cakes.

So now, gummy bears have a huge market demand. With the rapid development of technology, efficiency is life. Only when manufacturers produce higher-quality gummy bears with high efficiency and high quality, will they gain the trust of more customers.

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