What comes with the gummy machine?

Gummy is a kind of confectionery and pastry. The adhesive is a kind of snack that many people like. It has a chewy texture, sweet and delicious, and its shape is changeable. Gummies are delicious and nourishing, so they are very popular with children and office workers.

If you are worried about the high sugar content of gummies, excessive intake of sugar will lead to obesity, tooth decay, etc., which is not good for your health. You might as well try nutritional gummies. Compared with ordinary gummies, nutritional gummies have a unique taste and can supplement a variety of nutrients. They are delicious and healthy.

The practice of soft sweets is the same as nutritious soft sweets.

The practice of soft sweets is the same as nutritious soft sweets. 

Its taste and shape are no different from ordinary snack soft sweets, but its nutritional value is very different.

Whether soft sweets or healthy soft sweets are mainly made of gelatin, there are many fancy varieties, so do you know the specific method of making soft sweets?

Soft candy is made of gelatin as a colloid, transparent and full of elasticity and toughness. It is mainly made into fruit-flavored, cool-flavored, and milk-flavored. It is primarily made of edible gelatin, white sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, fresh fruit juice, natural or artificial flavors, and colors, depending on the brand. If it is acidic, it is likely to contain citric acid.

In recent years, with the development and progress of society, the equipment for making soft candies can be made directly with a commercial gummy candy machine instead of sugar boiling, molding, drying, mixing packaging, and other equipment.

So what comes with the gummy machine?

The continuous injection molding process of the gummy bear machine is a combination of system mechanism, equipment, mold, and instrument.

The gummy machine production line consists of a hot rolling bed, a hot drawing machine, a roll forming machine, and a cooling screen. Can make cylindrical, disc-shaped, and olive-shaped candies. The candy has clear graphics on the cut surface. Soft candy machines cause all kinds of soft candy we see in the mall.

More and more candy manufacturers choose to use gummy machines for production, so what are its advantages?

  1. The soft candy machine is a piece of advanced equipment that can produce all kinds of lollipops under strict sanitary conditions.
  2. The whole production line adopts electrical integration and steam control, easy to operate, and high sugar utilization rate.
  3. Continuous vacuum cooking to ensure the quality of sugar mass;
  4. The production capacity can be from 50 to 600kg/h;
  5. Candies of different shapes can be made according to the change of the mold;

The most cost-effective soft candy machine technical article in 2021 pointed out that the gummy machine has a reasonable and compact structure, simple linear structure, easy installation, maintenance, and can produce pure candies, two-color candies, sandwiches candies, and gummy bears. It has intuitive intelligence and high production efficiency. Specialty.

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