What are the ingredients for gummy bears?

Gummy bears are one of many gummy candies, a popular gelatin candy sold in various shapes and colors. With rubber-like elasticity, the shape of a bear, and various flavors, the tiny transparent gummy bears are almost certainly a favorite candy for men, women, and children. So delicious food it is, what are the ingredients for gummy bears? How is it made?

The main ingredients of gummy bears are gelatin, glucose syrup, fruit juice concentrate, spices, food coloring, etc. It is the main ingredient of gelatin. Gelatin comes from animal bones and other parts. Most of the gelatin in gummy bears is extracted from pigskin, which is not vegetarian. But some German Gambel bears are made with pectin instead and offered to vegetarians.

Gelatin (also known as fish glue or gellan gum), a very common food additive, is a mixture of peptides and partially hydrolyzed collagen protein, usually extracted from the skin, bone paths, and connective tissue of cattle, pigs, and fish. It is a by-product of the meat and leather industries. Gelatin is an animal protein, unlike many other gelling agents used in the food industry.

After understanding the ingredients of the gummy bear, let’s take a look at its production, which mainly involves a gummy bear making machine. Gummy bear making machine is suitable for making different shapes of hard and soft candies, jelly candies, gummy candies, flat and spherical lollipops, and is the advanced equipment for producing various shapes and different colors of candies.

Gummy bear production line process.

Dissolving sugar gelatin—mixing—cooling—shipping—storing—cooling—demolding—packing machine.

Features of the gummy bear machine:

1、It can mix flavor, color, and acid automatically according to the accurate quantity ratio.

2、The working power of this machine is compressed air, the whole working environment is hygienic and clean.

3、The control principle of program setting is adopted, making the pouring machine more stable and accurate in the operation process.

4、By changing the mold of the pouring head, it can produce jelly candy with good quality, various shapes, and colors.

5、High degree of automation, stable production, save time, labor, and occupancy, and achieve the purpose of cost reduction.

Composition of the gummy bear production line:

The pouring line consists of a jacketed dissolving pot, gear pump, storage filter, storage tank, discharge pump, color and aroma stirrer, color and aroma mixer, pourer, cooling channel, electric control cabinet, etc.

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