What are haribo gummies made of?

What is the Haribo brand gummy made of?

If you have to pick out one of the most popular candies, I believe many people would choose gummy. Gummy seems to be more popular with adults, and the tart sweetness of gummy is more popular than the sweetness in traditional candies. In addition, gummy is also very chewy to eat, very suitable for everyone to eat when recreation.

One of the more well-known brands of gummy is haribo, which is also the founder of gummy and has a lot of experience in production. So how are the haribo brand gummy made?

what are haribo gummies made of

1. White granulated sugar

2. Glucose syrup

3. Corn syrup

4. Gelatin

5. Food flavors and colors

6. Corn starch

7. Brazilian carnauba wax

These are some of the main ingredients that Haribo uses to make gummy. The amount of each ingredient is crucial and will directly determine the taste and quality of the fudge. In addition, to improve the quality of gummy production, the Haribo brand uses higher-end equipment for production.

How are the Haribo brand gummies produced?

1. Boiling sugar

Put white sugar, corn syrup, glucose syrup, etc. into the cooking pot according to the proportion, add an appropriate amount of water, and then heat to melt these raw materials.

After adding gelatin, continue to heat it and stir it well so that the gelatin and the raw materials are fully mixed until it becomes syrup.

2. Cooling

The syrup is cooled and then processed for subsequent production.

3. Blending

The syrup is blended with edible flavors and colors and citric acid to create different colors and flavors. The most popular flavors are fruit flavors, such as apple, lychee, watermelon, orange, pineapple, etc. Cola is a new and popular flavor.

4. Molding

There are many shapes of gummy candies, the more popular ones are bear-shaped and worm-shaped, and of course, fruit-shaped and round squares are in high demand.

Allow the mold to cool and solidify for about 24 hours. At the same time, sprinkle a layer of cornstarch to prevent the gummy candy from sticking to the mold.

After demolding, the gummy is transferred into a rotating cylinder, where high-speed rotation can remove excess corn starch.

5. Packaging

The packaging machine is used for packaging the gummy, and the packaging will further enhance the quality of the gummy.

The above are the specific steps of the Haribo brand production of gummy candy. The reason why the Haribo brand gummy candies have such high quality and are widely welcomed by consumers is mainly because they use high-quality raw materials, high-quality formulas, and superior production equipment to ensure the quality of the gummy candies.

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