How to make gummy bears with a gummy bear machine?

Gummy is a soft and slightly elastic candy, transparent and translucent. Soft candy also has a high water content, which is very popular among children and young people. Because of its popularity, many nutritional products are also made into vitamin gums, which can supplement vitamins daily. Their shapes can be made into rectangular or irregular shapes at will.

Gummies are so delicious. Do you know how they are made?
There are two ways to make jelly, and one is the home version production method; the other is through the gummy machine production.

If you want to try making jelly at home, you can try the following steps:

1. Pour 1/2 cup of juice into a pan set on low heat.

2. Add one tablespoon of honey.

3. Add two tablespoons of gelatin.

4. Mix until all is dissolved, then remove from heat.

5. Using a dropper, add it to the mold.

6. Put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to cool and shape or until solidified.

So the second method how to make gummy bears with an adhesive bear machine?

Machine workflow:

Sugar dissolution → mixing → deposition → cooling → transportation → demolding → packaging

The gummy bear machine production line comprises a jacketed dissolving pot, gear pump, storage tank, storage, discharge pump, storage tank, discharge pump, color and fragrance mixer, precipitator, cooling channel, cooling channel, electric control cabinet, etc…

Candy storage line

1. R-shaped curved waterproof sandblasting coating; 

2. Unique multi-candy mold design;

3. Multi-language PLC program;

4. Expand the transformation system;

5. International brand electrical parts;

6. Cleaning function and drain pipe;

7. Warning signs and protection of hidden parts;

8. CFA system is available;

Cooking system

  1. All cooking utensils are coated with a waterproof sandblasting surface
  2. Place all cooking utensils and water tanks on the frame.
  3. layer jacketed pot protection
  4. Motors and electrical components have passed UL certification
  5. Alternate cooking methods to save time
  6. It can also be used for later cooking gelatin syrup.

So why more and more manufacturers choose gummy bear-making machines?

  1. This production line is advanced equipment for producing gelatin or pectin jelly in various shapes and colors.
  2. It is the ideal equipment for the continuous production of single and double color candies and other high-quality candies.
    By changing the pouring head mold, jelly candies of various shapes and colors can be produced.
  3. It can automatically mix flavors, pigments, and acid in an accurate quantity ratio.

The gummy bear machine is advanced equipment for the continuous production of various sizes of gummy candies (QQ candies). It is the ideal equipment for producing high-quality products, saving human resources, and saving space. If you want to start a jelly business for you to make a profit, then a gummy bear-making machine must be your best choice!