What is in haribo gummy bears?

The haribo brand was the first brand in the world to invent gummy bears. To this day, gummy bears have become a popular candy worldwide and are universally welcomed by the public, and haribo has become a well-known candy brand.

When buying gummy bears, many consumers prefer haribo brand gummy bears because they are so delicious that they can’t stop eating them, so what’s in haribo brand gummy bears?

What is in haribo gummy bears?

The haribo brand gummy bears are prevalent, and many people like them very much. The haribo brand uses more raw materials to produce higher quality gummy bears, which is the only way to ensure a rich taste. Common ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, corn syrup, citric acid, gelatin, food flavors and colors, palm oil, and corn starch.

If you want to ensure the quality of gummy bears, you must not only use relatively high-quality raw materials for production but also use relatively high-quality equipment. Advanced production technology can ensure that the raw materials are better utilized. Not only the haribo brand, but the major gummy brands want to use some more advanced production equipment.

The gummy machine is a food machine with a very high reputation in the industry. It has been exported to many countries and regions around the world, helping many fondant companies to improve production quality and production efficiency.

When using this equipment for production, the following steps are required.

1. Select high-quality raw materials, mix them according to the gummy recipe, and heat them in the boiling sugar pot to melt.

2. Add the right amount of gelatin, continue heating to let the gelatin melt, and stir well.

3. Add food flavoring and food coloring for blending to make the syrup into different flavors and colors.

4. After cooling, pour the syrup into the mold, sprinkle with cornstarch, and let it cool and solidify for about 24 hours.

5. After demolding, transfer the gummy bears into the rotating cylinder, add varnish and rotate at high speed.

6. Packing.

The above is the specific production method of gummy bears. Although it looks simple, every step has high requirements in the actual production, and the temperature, humidity, and time are all controlled very precisely.

Therefore, only the use of high-quality equipment can further improve the production process. If you want to produce different shapes of gummy bears, you only need to change the molds, such as round, heart-shaped, worm-shaped, etc. The molds can also be customized, which is more convenient for manufacturers to use.

Gummy bears are hotter in the market and are more popular among adults. Because adults have stronger purchasing power, and the sweet and sour taste also allows many consumers to reduce the burden of gaining weight in their hearts, so the demand is higher, which brings great business opportunities to the majority of manufacturers.

The use of commercial gummy candy machines can bring great help to most manufacturers because the equipment has a high degree of automation, and production efficiency is very high. The choice of 304 stainless steel, the quality is very reliable, PLC control system is simple to operate, the whole production line only 1-2 ordinary workers to complete the production. And it can process and produce many types of gummy candies, which are very widely used.

Gummy bears have extensive prospects for development, and the profits are very considerable. If you want to further improve your production process, welcome to contact us, we can provide you with customized services!